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  • I miss blogging

    Posted on April 4th, 2017 Scott 3 comments

    Video killed the radio star.
    Texting has killed conversation.
    Facebook has effectively killed many forums.
    Twitter (and ADHD) have killed the blog.

    I miss blogging. I have always enjoyed writing up a description of an event in my life. Part of this is due to the “excitement” I get when I get a lot of comments, discussion or likes. I will admit to that the “attention whore” aspect of blogging is fun. That being said – I have always found it to be very cathartic. Just a mental mind dump about something that means something to me. Positive, negative or anywhere in between. I just enjoy writing it. (By now, most people have clicked back, but I’m not done!)

    The beauty of this sort of issue is I hold the key to my problem right in my hands… just get typing! I think – I am going to try to get back in the swing of things. Not pay too much attention to my likes, comments and such – just do what I want to do, because I want to do it.

    Look for more from my blog – it’s time to clear the mind from time to time!


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    3 Responses to “I miss blogging”

    1. not trying to tell you how to live your life, but a link to your blog would have gone great with that post 😉

    2. Interesting point…. since I use a plugin on the blog to pull G+ posts into wordpress, this was actually typed here. NOw that the API is open, maybe I can push the content the other direction….

    3. I'm not finding an easy way to do this … but as long as I don't mention "blog" – it wont matter very much, you get the same content! 🙂