I’m bringing back the mullet

As a kid, listening to Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Poison and many others – I loved my mullet. There was a time, as an overly aggressive (and slow) cat 3 roadie, that I took a lot of pride in my behind my helmet mullet. Man, I was cool!

Now that I’ve probably scared my wife and set people up to abuse me about many other things, I’m going to confess – i’m not going to grow a mullet. With my lack of hair on the top, it would result in a “Skullet” and no good could come of that. With that said – I’m going to dust off another pieces of ‘Scott Lore’.

Back again – after only a single post in 2018 – the blog. Twitter and Facebook have basically killed the blog. There are probably a few left being read, but not many. I enjoy writing this random crap. It’s an avenue for me to get something out of my head. I keep a LOT of crap in my brain, so any flush I can get – is of great benefit. Subject matter will be as scatterbrained as me. Maybe I won’t get the ‘engagement’ I want, but the therapeutic value will hopefully be beneficial!

All that said – if there’s a subject you would like me to expand on, leave a comment, send me a message – whatever! Let’s do this!

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