A tale of two jackets

Max on the ride!

So back in October, Max came to visit. I *REALLY* wanted to take him motorcycling, but being a AGATT kinda guy (All Gear All The Time) – I don’t take people riding without at least a helmet and a jacket. Jackets are expensive … so I thought who do I know that has one that fits the little man? My good friend, and fellow Motoref, Jones’ wife is small… and has the jacket Max is wearing in the photo.

Now – keep in mind that was in October! Jones and I have exchanged texts “I need to pick it up”… “Ok”… “not home…” back and forth. Yesterday – it took a strange twist! I get a text – expected… but unexpected content!

Now – I’ve been to known to do some stupid stuff – but take a friends crap to Good Will…. I’m not THAT DUMB! I assured him it was at home, and she had nothing to worry about! I then said … Wait … what size is it??? It was actually 1 size larger (not a big deal) and now … Max has his OWN motorcycle jacket! Mike came over and delivered … I still owe him $20 – but never fear, I’ll text him!

So … this #FiftyNotFat thing

So in August of 2016, I decided I didn’t want to be fat when I turned 50. Great. That’s awesome. I did it. I used #Keto, I rode my ass off on a bicycle (kinda literally), I was obsessed. I did it. I got below 200. I found my no-stress weight to be about 204. I’d be happy with 204 right now.

It turns out when you don’t focus, and are predisposed to overeating, and you stop paying attention… your weight creeps back up. I’ve probably lost about 2000 pounds in my life. Unfortunately, I’ve gained about 1970 pounds. For those who don’t speak “Scott”… I have put on about 30 pounds since I rode Six Gap. If you look at it this way – I’ve gained 2.25 pounds per month 16 months. That’s not huge, but it adds up (to 30+).

It’s been hard, trying to not admit it, and correct it silently, but I have to bring things like this to the front of my cerebral cortex. (I said that to sound smart, but had to use spell check twice). Anyway – i’m off the bench and back in the game. I set up my trainer last night and plan to Zwift tonight. My watch has some stupid feature where it recommends how much you are supposed to do today – i’m gonna follow through on my 14 minute walk cuz… why not.

Fat kid got skinny got fat again … a story we have all heard, but i’ve lived it. I never felt better than when I was in good shape and losing weight. It’s time to feel good again! I still have time to restore #FiftyNotFat!

I’m bringing back the mullet

As a kid, listening to Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Poison and many others – I loved my mullet. There was a time, as an overly aggressive (and slow) cat 3 roadie, that I took a lot of pride in my behind my helmet mullet. Man, I was cool!

Now that I’ve probably scared my wife and set people up to abuse me about many other things, I’m going to confess – i’m not going to grow a mullet. With my lack of hair on the top, it would result in a “Skullet” and no good could come of that. With that said – I’m going to dust off another pieces of ‘Scott Lore’.

Back again – after only a single post in 2018 – the blog. Twitter and Facebook have basically killed the blog. There are probably a few left being read, but not many. I enjoy writing this random crap. It’s an avenue for me to get something out of my head. I keep a LOT of crap in my brain, so any flush I can get – is of great benefit. Subject matter will be as scatterbrained as me. Maybe I won’t get the ‘engagement’ I want, but the therapeutic value will hopefully be beneficial!

All that said – if there’s a subject you would like me to expand on, leave a comment, send me a message – whatever! Let’s do this!