Where did 200 miles take me?

When you do a YSC Tour de Pink – one of the many slogans you hear/see is "Where will 200 miles take you?"  The list of places is long … internal and external… it will most DEFINITELY touch your heart.  Having said that – it took me to a bizarre (but friendly) place!

During my fund raising – I decided to go door to door to solicit contributions.  On my way to earning over $3000 I met many of my neighbors that I had never even spoken to.  That was nice.  I gave them a flyer with my name, email and phone number.  The neighborhood contributed over $500!  Very cool.

Yesterday, I was driving to the track when my phone rang.  I answered it and t was one of my neighbors.  She remembered that I could fix bicycles and stuff – so she was wondering if I could help her…. fix her oven.  (Of course….)   

As it turns out, she just needed to have the heating element changed – which is truly and easy job.  

So yes… 200 miles took me to having my head in the oven… but where exactly was that – it was me, a technically and physically able human helping somebody who needed just a little help.  While the effort (about 5 minutes) was TRULY trivial to me – it meant a TON to my neighbor.  

That is what the Tour de Pink is to me.  Helping people – people I don't know.  Your donations to my fund raising help me help others.  Each and every dollar I raised for the YSC was important to me, but far more important to an organization helping people!  

What can you (or we) do today to help somebody?  Remember – what may be small to you may be HUGE to somebody else!


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When Websites Lie – they lose my business

So – I needed a bag for my motorcycle – one that could keep my crap good and dry in a rainstorm – on a trip.  Dad recommended one – I found it for $105 on amazon – but I also found bike bag shop that sold it for $104.99.  Not much of a savings – but they offer an $11 coupon if I simply post their product on my Facebook and/or twitter.  Sure… sounds great.  

Here is the horse-pucky …. If I buy that bag for $104.99 – I get free shipping.  

If I use the secret code – I get the bag for $93.99 + $10 shipping. 

Now … the complete tomfoolery – if I just want the FedEx folks to drop it on my very safe porch I have to pay $3 to get them to check waive signature?   #bullshit  – yeah, I said it.

Amazon – $105 – free
Them: $104.99 + $3 
Them: $93.99 + $10 + 3

You insult my by offering a great deal that isn't…. Amazon may be the online Walmart, but I used smile.amazon.com and sent some money to charity, not asshattery. 

BTW… creative folks can find the business by "reading between the lines" and/or eliminating spaces + .com…


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