When Websites Lie – they lose my business

So – I needed a bag for my motorcycle – one that could keep my crap good and dry in a rainstorm – on a trip.  Dad recommended one – I found it for $105 on amazon – but I also found bike bag shop that sold it for $104.99.  Not much of a savings – but they offer an $11 coupon if I simply post their product on my Facebook and/or twitter.  Sure… sounds great.  

Here is the horse-pucky …. If I buy that bag for $104.99 – I get free shipping.  

If I use the secret code – I get the bag for $93.99 + $10 shipping. 

Now … the complete tomfoolery – if I just want the FedEx folks to drop it on my very safe porch I have to pay $3 to get them to check waive signature?   #bullshit  – yeah, I said it.

Amazon – $105 – free
Them: $104.99 + $3 
Them: $93.99 + $10 + 3

You insult my by offering a great deal that isn't…. Amazon may be the online Walmart, but I used smile.amazon.com and sent some money to charity, not asshattery. 

BTW… creative folks can find the business by "reading between the lines" and/or eliminating spaces + .com…


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