Sometimes I am SO smart

About a week or so ago, I wanted a new way to integrate my G+, FB, Twitter and Blog. I researched it an the guy who wrote the Google+ sharing software I use wrote a new version. Wow, great… let me install. Okay, it works ALMOST as good as the old one – and for just $19.95 I can make it work the way I want it to… but I dont want to spend $20 on my blog, I mean only like 2 people look at it and one of them is ME! It would be so nice….

Well, after a week or dorking and TRYING to make it work I got annoyed and was on the CUSP of paying $20 and then I said … dude…. the old one works exactly like you want it to, why not go back?

Yeah, it took my brain a week to figure out NOT to fix something that WASN'T broken.


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