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  • Let’s get this party started

    Posted on July 6th, 2012 Scott No comments

    Let’s get this party started RIGHT!

    You have all heard it before, I hope, pray, dream of not typing this post again.  I’m not going to make any predictions – I’m just going to tell you what’s up.

    The other day I got this crazy idea that I would start video blogging – sure, why not!  I’ve done blogs, micro-blogging, facebook, Google+, Myspace… why not try out this video option.  I have a phone that can do it, I have the idea – lets roll.  Well, then I got this other idea that I talked about in a video blog …. It’s about 2 months until Labor day, I need to get focused, let’s pull together some folks and get going.  Call it a challenge, encourage others to join in.  Check up on each other – call me out if I don’t log my food – point it out to me!  Tell me wassup…. so here is what I came up with that *I* am going to do.

    • I’m going to use Google+ for most of my discussion.  Of course, my G+ public posts go to Facebook and Twitter, so it will end up there.
    • I’ve created a hashtag (#LaborDayChallenge) and I will post that in all posts related to the challenge.
    • Not all of my post will be posts will be public.  I’ve got a Circle for this.  I will add those I am comfortable sharing my inner feelings and stuff!  Those posts will be locked – those who it was shared with can reply, but they will be mine to control!
    • I will share lots publicly, but not all.
    • I will probably vlog about some of it, but not ALL of my vlogs will be related to working out or eating right!

    That’s the challenge…. here are my personal goals for the challenge!

    1. Consistency!
    2. Form several positive habits!
    3. Maintain accountability
    4. Consistently log my food
    5. Eat healthy
    6. Consistently log my workouts
    7. Continue to work the 8 principles of Celebrate Recovery

    Last year, I was winning or placing in bicycle races.  I weighed 20-30 pounds less than I do today.  4 months ago, I ran a half marathon in 10:30 pace – I could not do 6.2 at that pace on Sunday.  Yes – I’ve gone backwards but I have not quit, so I have not lost!

    So there you have it!  If you see me screwing up – you can call me out on it!  If you see me doing something right – compliments are appreciate but not necessary.  As Dave Chapel would say…. “But I didn’t get arrested!  You’re not SUPPOSED to get arrested!”  … I’m SUPPOSED to do the right thing!

    I am going to kick this thing off with a bike ride tomorrow!  Hope to see you on the comet!

  • Garmin Upgrades that work GOOD!

    Posted on April 2nd, 2010 Scott No comments

    The other day Garmin Shutdown for a day for upgrades.  I was upset, but the modifications ROCK!

    Check out my latest workout and all the new bells and whistles!

  • August Status

    Posted on September 4th, 2009 Scott No comments

    It’s come to my attention that I didn’t give a proper status for August – though – I wasn’t really sure that was in the requirements… here you go!

    Status - After August

    Status - After August

    It’s not been the best month of weight loss, but it hasn’t been too bad.  I had a bit of a scare last week, with just a .2 pound loss, but the streak of consecutive Fridays is still alive and well.  Its harder and harder to lose and it’s harder to stay motivated.  Some days it’s easier than others, but sometimes you just want to pig out.

    I was pretty proud of myself last night (not in August, but …) I went to my favorite bbq place and had a sensible meal.  I don’t think I would of if I didn’t have to weigh in today, but you have to do what you have to do – that’s how things go.

    My riding in August faded just  bit.  Nothing to worry about – but I just didnt get out as much as I should of and in some cases as much as I would liked to have.  I decided to capture a little graph of my riding.  It’s much easier (and more accurate) when my computer isn’t broken.  I did figure out how to add stuff manually – so that helps, but its vague and the speeds are a bit flakey.

    Mileage Totals

    Mileage Totals

    I am missing a few earlier in the season rides, but for the most part – that’s my mileage.  In comparison to last year – June much greater – July is a little lighter…. August I didn’t ride last August… I should beat September without much problem.   I’m looking at a 4000 mile year – which I will be proud of.

    Finally – I looked at my graph of the last 2 years and was happy.  While I did falter – I have come back and made up for it.  Thanks to all who have helped and supported.  Every “Are you losing weight?”, “How much have you lost?” or other related comment REALLY helps me.  More than you could even know.

    My weight - the last 2 years

    My weight - the last 2 years

  • July Update

    Posted on August 3rd, 2009 Scott No comments

    I like to do monthly re-caps – sometimes for my 4 readers, sometimes so I have something to go on.  This one – is a bit of a mix.  I have to compare where I am to last year, to see how things are going overall.  Weight loss, cycling, job, etc… it’s all crazy lately.  Weight loss… well, my update would have likely been better without last week.  While I managed to lose a pound, the stress caused by all that – my not riding for a few days – the insanity – it all weighed heavily on me.  Having said that, I have to say I hit a many year low on Friday at 227 pounds.  The five more I need to lose for my next goal/milestone seem SO HUGE!  Bigger than the last 40 – I have to say.

    2009 - July

    2009 - July

    Overall – things are good on that front.  I’m losing a bit of focus, but still in the game.

    On the riding side of things, I’m really riding pretty well (or was until a few days off… but it will come back).  I have to compare today to last August when I did not ride.  I’ve got 5x as many miles in this August as I did last year… I’ve only ridden 25!  Those who know me might recall, my back went bonkers last August – and that SUCKED!

    VeloLosers – a great idea, a great motivator – but a bitter mistress, I have to tell you!  I’m pondering the concept.  It works great for one “cycle”, but then its so hard for those who stick around.  I will have to see how VeloLosers 3 sorts out.  If all of the Alumni are suffering like me – maybe we have to have a Cat 5 tour to get you started – then you can join the pros?  Regardless – knowing I have to tell a bunch 0f other chubbies my weigh each week makes for good motivation.

    Lunch is over – back to work!

  • The Madison

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Scott 2 comments

    When I first became intersted in track racing, I always wanted to be a sprinter.  I was fat.  Sprinters were fat.  It seemed fitting.  No hills, go super fast, get it over with.  Girls love it, you can ride crazy and get away with it… yeah, sprinters are cool.  I don’t like sprinters much any more.  I mean, they are fine people and all but the impression of sprinter romanticism is all but gone.  I love watching sprinting at the world cup or even sometimes national level, but I’ve seen enough 12.8 sprinters give it a go for at least the rest of my life.  Some how, in all of that, I found a new love.  Points racing and more so – the Madison.  There is something incredibly tactical, something exciting about racing a points race or a madison on the velodrome.  The points aspect adds a certain “fourth dimension” to the equation.  You may be in the lead, but you are last… you may be last, but win the bike race… there is a lot more to it than all of that, but … it’s just fascinating to me.  To see a world cup or world championship madison is better than watching the super bowl.  It’s incredible!

    Some of you may not know exactly what a madison is.  It’s a 2 person team race, in which on a regular basis, each person takes a “relief” lap.  While you are on relief, your partner is racing.  You use either a hand sling, a butt push or even a ‘love tap’ to get the other person into the race.  For the most part, it’s a hand sling.  Follow me on this…. I’m riding along on the track at 25+ mph.  My partner comes down the track to about where I am.  They put their hand on their hip.  As I go by, I grab their hand and we do a little diddy called a hand sling.  My arm goes back, his arm goes forward.  We get a bit extended and I do EVERYTHING in my power to launch my partner up to my speed or better.  Keep in mind, there are at least a few… up to 18 other teams out there going at it!  It’s chaos – but when you are in the thick of it – you can sort things out better than you can from the side.  While this video isn’t very good, it will give you the idea:

    SO… why am I rambling on about all of this?  Well, last Wednesday night – I rode a madison.  It was the “Featured Event” at the velodrome that night.  That … and $2.07 will get you a large coffee at Starbucks … but anyway, I paired up with my friend Pete Antonvich.  Early in the race, one of the fastest teams had an issue and I killed myself to put a gap on them.  Pete handled the sprint and we got second place.  I exploded and took a while to recover – but got back in the game for the final sprint.  I poured my heart and soul into an attack with 3 to go.  Pete went in with 1 to go and won the final sprint giving me my first ever madison win.  It was truly and exciting moment in my life.  It’s not really that big of a deal, but I really tried hard… my form is coming on and that made me feel great!

    Now – my database restore is done – and I must go ride my bike!

  • A couple of hard days

    Posted on April 30th, 2009 Scott No comments

    Tuesday – I headed out for a lunch ride. I’ve been having computer issues with my Garmin Edge 301. I couldn’t get my little “Pacer” to show up the way I wanted him to. I got it to show up and started racing myself. I did about a 20 mile time trial “against myself”. You can race any previous effort – so I raced a good one from about 2 weeks ago. When I finished this effort, my pacer was 2.5 miles behind. Roughly 6-7 minutes, probably! I was tired and sore, but wow…. what a work out! Most pleased. Then I realized – it’s Tuesday – and I have to race tomorrow night. Suck it up – be tuff – cool – I got it!

    Wednesday I get off work early and ride with Sarah. We did that and it was fun. We did about 23 miles on the Silver Comet Trail. Sarah exhibited new behaviors in her riding including sprints and powering over a hill out of the saddle – I think she’s finding her inner sprinter or something. It was really a nice day on the trail.

    Get off the trail and head to the DLV. Race night! Warm up went about as planned. I did about 25 laps before the organized warm up, then 20 with the “C” group, and 15 with the B. I felt good … life was good, let’s race.

    Typically, the short races start slow and unless I jump they stay that way. Not last night – some fast guys from Alabama were in town and they LIT IT UP! I was seeing Elvis and this was only our first race. I didn’t finish last – that’s about all I can take out of this one. The Miss-n-Out was a little bit better. Started SUPER fast … but I played it a bit smarter. Got a wheel – rode it out… I bet I was “middle of the pack”.

    The “Tempo” is something new for this track, but its old pain for me. A race, where the 1st rider gets 2 points per lap, the second rider gets 1. Simply put, it’s FAST! I was determined to do better in this one and I did. No placing, but I stayed in the field. I may have gotten a top 5? not sure, but I know we lapped a bunch of people. I sort of found my game.

    Now… let’s add on a madison. It was an odd, small madison. I unleashed a GREAT sprint for the first sprint and scored us a second place points. I was happy with that and then realized – we still had 20 more laps and that sucked. I suffered it out and we finished – I think third – good deal.

    I finished off the night riding up a category in another Tempo – I don’t think that was smart – I think I was too smoked, but hey… 70 laps of racing with only minimal breaks – thats good training.

    No track racing for a couple of weeks – but we should get some good training. Now it’s time to get to work – then ride with Sarah. I hope she doesn’t hurt me too bad today.

  • Track Racing – a hard night

    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 Scott No comments

    Last night was another night @ the DLV.  Things are starting to come around, but I’m still not where I want to be.  I’ve got a few obsticles in my way, but am working though those.  I saw some progress tonight – which is good!

    The night started with a 5 lap scratch to seed the “Wheel Race”.  Having no deisire to ride in the wheel – I had little motivation in this.  The problem with a 5 lap scratch is that it’s so short, you cant wear anybody out – and if you don’t ride aggressively, everybody sits around and rides slow.  Last night, a guy took off for 2 laps… which was nice as that is ussually me.  From there, everybody just watched each other… I kept the pace moving and with 1.5 to go gave it an 80 % effort.  I was happy to not finish last – about all I was trying for.

    The “Unknown Distance”.  It’s unknown.  Everybody wanted to save it for the end, so 3 times I punched got a gap, led for a lap or more…. and got sucked back in.  When the bell rang, I was recovering from a punch and had nothing – SUCK!

    Points race 1.  I thought I had more than I did.  After the first sprint (which I grabbed a point in) I saw a guy up the track.  I thought I could catch him.  I did.  I thought I could gap the field.  I didn’t.  Right after the chase, the bell rang… had NOTHING… spent a few laps playing chase and sprint.  Didn’t work out – I got 5th.  We lapped a lot of people.

    Points race 2.  I was certainly not recovered from the first one.  I had a lot of issues and was wishing I had a bigger gear.  I couldn’t see straight, it hurt.   After 6 or so laps – I “threw in the towel” but then got mad at myself for doing so.  I never left the track, I sat up – got back on the end of the field and finished in the field.  Yeah, a lap down, but I fought it out.  On the 5 to go sprint, I was cracking.  Steve Hill said “Come on Scott”.  He was on my wheel – I knew if I pop’d he would get gapped and thats not nice.  I dug in, stayed in the field and finished it off.  A good effort.

    All in all – a fun night.   Good racing – nice weather.  No “spats”.  I earned a point – my first of the year.  Progress.

  • Let me apologize

    Posted on April 4th, 2009 Scott No comments

    I went on a bike ride today.  I rode pretty hard.  My time is limited and I wanted to kill as many calories as possible.  I really just wanted to get in a great workout.  I rode from my home to the Silver Comet Trail.  Rode about 11 miles up the SCT and then turned around.  On the way back I was getting tired, I was riding “tempo” and just grinding away at about 100 rpm.  Good pace, tired, not paying attention.  On the trail, I space out now and then.

    The next 20 seconds of my life – i’m not sure what happened, but I sort of realized all of the sudden that I was about to drill some guy, I couldn’t go around him as there was another guy coming… I realized I could make it so I sort of ‘buzzed’ the guy really close.  I didn’t hit him, I wasn’t scared… but apparently I made him angry.  He chased me down and started yelling at me.  I was quite apologetic.  While what I did was “safe” in the sense that I had no problem passing somebody that close, I did invade his (and another riders) “personal space”.  He said “that was closer than even bike racers come”.  I said “I’ve done a little racing in my day”.  We talked about bike racing… got on to track racing.  He read my jersey and said something about FixedGearFever – apparently he reads it all the time and asked me how I got a FGF jersey.  I told him it was actually my site.  He said in an excited manner “Are you Scott from FixedGearFever?” I told him I was and he was in sort of a state of shock.  I’ve seen this unnecessary reaction a few times before, but at the next few moments cracked me up.

    This guy (named Mike) said “I am sorry!”  I asked “for what?”   He said “If I had known you knew how to ride so well, I would never have said anything like that!  I am sorry for questioning your skills!  Wow, I just insulted a real track racer. I am so sorry!”

    I told him I was just a regular guy that loves track racing and geek stuff.  I felt bad for spacing out and putting other riders in danger.  I said that my apology stands and he had NOTHING to apologize for.  I’ve been yelled at for smaller stuff.  This was all good.  We chatted a bit more then he went back to his rest day.

    As my illegitmate uncle Fred one put it “Scott is just a fan of track racing, no Scott is a super fan!”  I’m not a hero, roll model or above the law.

    Overall – a GREAT ride.  I burried myself in 2 hours.  Good work.

  • 101 fun loving laps

    Posted on March 11th, 2009 Scott No comments

    So tonight started the 2009 track season for me. I’d love to tell you all about my great fitness – my superbe riding…. but well, I rode. I was testing out some new handlebars for Zipp and I did a lot of just riding. It was good… but I found myself kind of wanting to go back to Colorado Springs for a session or two. Ride with my old friends and teammates, enjoy a post ride pizza at Il’vicinos, enjoy a good case of track hack… enjoy a smooth track for a bit. Now, I’ve thought through it hundreds of times and know that even if I were back in CO… it wouldn’t be “the same”. It wouldn’t be better, worse … just different. I’ve come a long way in adjusting to the ATL and it’s alright here… but I have no crew. In COS, I had a crew… I still keep in touch with many of them online – which is awesome. I am thankful for email, facebook, twitter and whatever as it makes it super easy but some how without a homemade rootbeer and a Campagnola it’s not the same.

    I’d give a few people a shout out – but you know who you are! Now I have 2 weeks to get in shape for the season – better get crackin!

  • 5 wheels + 1 wheel – how many bicycles?

    Posted on February 1st, 2009 Scott No comments

    So we decided to make life easier and “ride from home”. We still need a lot of work refining our getting ready routine, but we did it. Rode from our home… a victory in many ways. Sarah’s “lady bits” (my friend called them that) are not enjoying life so much today – but that can be expected. She did really good riding around our area which is hilly. I kind of think she is starting to respect what cyclist do a bit more as she realizes its not “just riding a bike”.

    I impressed myself, dragging the kids (Derek on the trail-a-bike, Max in the trailer – 5 wheels) up 2 reasonably large hills (those who have been to my house, we made it to the house…). It was good.

    Later, during nap time I took Derek with me and we went for some unicycling. I did really well today… in my down hill unicycling! (yeah, down hill). You see, the hard part for me is keeping the wheel rolling… and going down a slight grade, it helped. I bet I rode 15 feet two or three times!

    I’ll get that thing figgered out!

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