Don’t party without me!

In an effort to save carrying stuff back and forth to work, I bought another belt.  It was actually fun, because my old belt didn’t fit any more.  Having another was good, a smaller one was cooler.  I leave my pants and a belt at work, folded and tucked in a locker in the gym.  Nobody messes with it…. or so I thought!

I get to work on Tuesday and my pants are there, but no belt.  WTF, Mate?  I know it wasn’t in the locker,  I looked… I normally just leave the belt ON the pants.  Well, whatever… maybe I took it home?   I’ve misplaced a thing or two in my life.

I go down to get ready to ride today, wound up, laying on top of my pants is my belt.  I am baffled!  I know it wasn’t there… I look closely at it.   I use hole #3… somebody’s been using HOLE #1.  Now, I have lost a lot of weight, but I am 3″ off hole #1!

I can not believe it… my belt went on a day of adventure and mayhem without me!  It’s not like somebody wore my underpants or anything, but at the same time… I will never feel that “bond” a man feels with his belt with that particular belt.  There will always be that “feeling” that my belt has been wrapped around another man’s body…. eh… wtf, mate?

Ultimately, I not at all worked up about this, rather I find it curiously odd.  I may never know who took my belt on an adventure, but I hope it didn’t leave them pant-less!