Apologies, Riding, Running, Words, Flatline….

First – Richard Rowe, I cant find the email – which I was 98% sure I sent – but I guess I didn’t, so the photo “collage” has been removed.  Sorry about that bro – I was only trying to make a few people smile.  I don’t make money on my commercial sites – much on my personal blog!  I respect your work – good stuff!

Riding – holy quacamole!  645 miles in June – that was awesome.  I didn’t even really try for mega mileage, I just rode and enjoyed it!  That is the cool part.  Lots of tires, sweat, blood, sweat, sunscreen, sweat and sweat.  Fun stuff.  I’m not sure what the outlook for july is.  Right now, my legs are in a bit of a funk.  They don’t seem to like me very much.  That’s probably becuase of them 20+ miles a day average in June.

Running … oops I did it again!  I ran the Peachtree Road Race and had much fun.  I bettered my time from last year and that felt good.  The day after – not so much!  That’ running though.  1:05.01 in 17844th place.  That’s not really that bad when you consider there were over 50,000 finishers and my training consisted of one hard run and a taper.  I’m pondering actually setting a personal goal to break 60 minutes next year.  I’m FAIRLY certain if I were 20 pounds lighter and I ran a bit – I could take 6 minutes off that time.  The key problem is that I’d rather ride a bicycle than run… eh… worry about that next year!

To those a bit confused by my recent photo posts – allow me to explain a bit.  We live in a covenent controlled community.  My neighbor pays their dues, but that’s where their contribution ends.  For a VERY LONG TIME, I have tried to be patient, but something happened last weekend that urked me.  To make a long story short, I said the “F-Word”.  I sarcastically said “I cant believe we live in the f’ing ghetto”.  It wasn’t in reference to my neighbor (though I do have more photos to post).  After the situation basically sorted itself out – I told my neighbor I over reacted and she told me I put a bad word on her.  I apologized 4-5 times, from the heart.  I felt bad.  Yeah, I do have a bad mouth at times – and I was sorry.  She repetitively told me I put a bad word on her.  Finally, I told her I was sorry, I could not apologize any more … and told her to go mow her grass.  There’s more to the story… but the whole got REALLY funny the other night.  I’ve been telling people “Don’t put that word on me!”  Just a joke … well I told Max to go to bed and he turned around and said “Don’t you put that word on me!”.  I almost fell off my bed laughing.  He has no idea what it meant, he was just being a parrot and there are a LOT of worse things he could say.  I couldn’t even muster the “parental” cough to cover the laugh.  I just laughed and looked at Sarah who was in tears laughing!

Finally – My weight flatlined last week – which kind of bummed me out, but hey, I didn’t GAIN!  That’s cool.  Hopefully it’s just a glitch in the matrix and I can roll this train back downhill! We will see

July 1st Weight Update
July 1st Weight Update