Not much fun …

I like to post light hearted things, some are important, some are important only to me.  Some are fun to read, some are boring.  Some mean something hidden behind a Scott induced riddle, others are pretty much what they say.  Today, no matter how hard I try to make this a fun, happy, good to read entry in my blog, I can’t.  It just won’t work.  I’ll save you reading to the end – I’m okay – I did not lose my job, but many of my friends, co-workers and people with a lot more time @ my company did.  That makes me sad.  Some of them were every bit as competent as me, if not more so.  More experience, more time, more everything … just in the wrong place at the right time.  I’m all twisted up inside.  Relieved, sad, excited, scared, confused… all of this is running through my head.  I have lots I could say, but in a day where social media can instantly make or break a carreer, I am reluctant to post many details.  I will tell you that I am happy to be an employee of Micro Focus – which is ironic to computer geeks as I used to pick on cobol programmers – now I work for a company that was built on cobol!  I truly enjoyed working for Borland and always – from day one – felt as if I was part of something special.  I’ve put a lot into making Borland better.  The product I support has been rebranded to Micro Focus, which is a good sign! It’s time to help Micro Focus!

To quote Buzz Light Year …. “To Infinity & Beyond!”

Tomorrow, I plan to wake up with renewed enthusiasm and hit the ground running!  If I can help some customers tomorrow, I am well on my way to making it a brighter day!