Verizon Wireless = Idiots

This may be a bit confusing – but it’s got me worked into a lather. I have a nice phone (LG enV2). Not great, but nice. I like it. Does text, email, crappy camera like every other phone out there – but it works. I don’t want to have to replace it. I live in Georgia – where it’s humid and rains a lot. Much like tornadoes to trailer parks, rain seems to be attracted to my bike rides.

I used to use a very good phone for rain, sweat, etc… the Verizon g’zOne. I still have the phone. Verizon has a new feature that allows you to “quickly change phones”. Awesome! I’m down with that! I can use my waterproof phone when I am riding, I can switch back to my other phone when I am not. NICE!

Nope… apparently may old phone is not compatible with my “plan”. WTF? The guy says the following features will not work on my old phone: “Unlimited text, unlimited web, get it now and vCast”. I said “I want to have a phone turned on that wont get ruined if it rains”. He says “We cant allow you to have a phone that wont send unlimited text messages”. HUH??? I used to text all the time with this phone. “No sir, you can not have unlimited web on that phone”. “Yes, I can … I used to for $5 a month”. This perplexed him… “Well, your phone doesn’t have the capability to work on this plan.” You can see where this is going.

A simple phone could cost them money from me every month and they wont let me use it. ID-TEN-T. Why not just tell me “You wont be able to use these features properly.”

Oh well, back to putting my phone in a plastic bag.

They may have the best network – but they are pretty stupid when it comes to simple things.