My name is Scott and I am a OVERWEIGHT American

Some may be saying “WTF?”  Some may understand why I am writing a post declaring that I am an overweight American.  Some may not see the pride I take in that statement, but I’ve worked hard to be able to say that.  For as long as I can remember – dating back to AT LEAST 1996, more likely 1993, I have weighed well over 225 pounds.  My weight as been into the 300’s in the past.  Most recently – 280 was my high.  Regardless of the actual number, for the past 10+ years of my life, I have been obese.  I didn’t really know that until sometime last year when I looked up the definition and plugged my weight into a little BMI calculator and said “holy shit”.  Being a good fat kid, I said “I’ve got big thighs”, “that doesn’t apply to me because I can still ride 100 miles” and any other number of things.

As of this morning – I weighed in at 218.4 pounds.  Still overweight – no doubt, but for the first time in over 10 years, I can honestly say “I am overweight, I am not obese!”  I’ve been dreaming of typing that sentence for a long time, thinking of how proud I would be and how excited I would be.  I am both – but at the same time – I now face a daunting task – getting my weight down to “Normal”.  Formal for me (based on the BMI ranges) is anything below 184.  That’s 35 pounds away.

Not to sound like a fat kid, but I think my body structure and frame are a bit heavy.  I do have big thighs… I build muscle fast and perhaps 183 is not a reasonable goal.  So today – I lay out in front of myself and anybody else reading – a two part goal.  First – change the significant digit in my weight to a 1.  I think – no, I am pretty sure, the first Friday I wake up and see 199.8 or below, I will probably cry.  When I get into the 190’s, I will consider getting some body fat testing done and analyze my weight to determine what my final weight goal is.

One day at a time – on pound a week… give or take… It’s not easy – but it’s something positive!

One thought on “My name is Scott and I am a OVERWEIGHT American”

  1. Congratulations on being overweight :). It’s a huge accomplishment and I’m so proud of you!

    It was really funny to see your Twitter post, because I had a feeling that you meant the BMI before I even opened your blog.

    Have you had your body composition numbers done recently? I think that’d be a great way to measure your further progress without getting too caught up in scale/BMI numbers.

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