Almost on call!

Monday morning, at 5:00 am I start my first on-call rotation at my new job.  Well, sort of.  I’m the backup guy for a week, then I become primary the following Monday.  Little nervous about that – but we will sort it out!  I actually have real work to do at 5:00 am Monday morning, but hey … that’s ok.

Originally, I thought I would be running at 5k run in about 8 minutes.  Unfortunately – it is not for 28 more days.  February and March – the numbers are on the same days – which is screwy.  Why the TV station said it was today – I have no idea – but it’s 3/27.  Some of you may recall I ran my first 5k on my birthday, 2 years ago.  It was fun … and I’m returning this year with some training, I should be about 20+ pounds lighter on race day – so that should help me get a better time.  There’s a rumor that I will be running a 10k next Saturday.  A fast, flat one – not like the PeachTree.  It basically depends on Derek’s soccer game schedule.

Just a little mention of what is on tap – we are going to be gluing fake fingernails on one of our cats in the next day or so.  That should be about as much fun as … hmm…. well, the good news for you is that we plan on video taping the event.  He’s not hip on the idea…

Derek had his first soccer practice on Thursday, Max has his today.  Basketball is over.  Derek’s team only lost 2 games out of about 10.  They don’t keep score in Max’s – but he had fun, so it was a success!  I’m done coaching – that was odd how it all shook out.

Kind of waiting on warm – where is it?  Bull butter it’s cold in the mornings lately!  We moved here 2 years and 51 weeks ago.  It was NOT this cold!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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As they say “The form is coming along”

One of the clear indicators of Scott getting in shape is I get dizzy.  Not in a bad way, not all the time, but as I get fit and loose weight, I occasionally get light headed when I stand up too fast.  I’ve achieved that.  The good news is – once my body gets used to that, it stabilizes a good deal and goes away.  It may seem strange to think that I’m excited about getting dizzy.  I’m really not excited about that – I’m just happy to be working out again and knowing it’s working.  (BTW –  the reason is my blood pressure has gone down, which is a good thing!

Some of this could be caused by all the new stuff I am doing.  This past week I ran over 14 miles, did the eliptical machine on 2 days and rode 30 miles.  I’d love to tell you that all the running and eliptical stuff helped my ride, but I’m not so certain.  The first 15 miles went great – the second… well, I survived!  I think the fitness helped, but my legs were tired from over 9 miles in the 2 days before, I was tired…. it was great to be back on my bike!

Next “stop” on the Scott World Oddity Tour – a 10k race saturday after next.  I hear it’s a great course for setting a PR – much easier than the Peachtree – so that is what I will try to do!

Running v. Cycling

So here’s my take …

Running is one of the least efficient forms of transportation.
Cycling is perhaps THE most efficient forms of transportation.

Being very inefficient – Running burns a lot of calories.
Being efficient – cycling does not burn as many.

It’s easier to run harder than it is to ride harder on a bicycle.
It’s easier to ride easier than it is to run easier on a bicycle.

It’s warmer running in the cooler temperatures. (less wind-chill)
It’s easier cycling in warmer temperatures.  (more wind chill)

Running is harder on more parts of the body.
Cycling is specifically harder on the crotch.

I have never been able to get used to the jarring of running – but it is getting better.
I’ve been able to get used to numerous saddles.

Running is easier to get ready for.
Cycling is ease to carry water with you.

Having EEE feet – running is easier to find shoes.

Running downhill sucks.
Nothing beats a 35 mph downhill left hand corner after a long climb.

Running events are fun and encouraging to beginners.
Cycling events are elitist and often annoying even to experienced riders.

Everybody gets a T-shirt at a running race.
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Running shoes are easier to walk in.
You aren’t supposed to walk in cycling shoes.

After a month of running, I don’t feel any faster.  I can run farther, but I’m slower than a turtle.
After a month of cycling, i’m usually seeing a marked improvement in average speeds an comfort.

All that said… I’m actually enjoying running lately.  I find running on a treadmill more tolerable than time on a trainer.  Mentally, I ‘m just able to do it better – I don’t know why.