As they say “The form is coming along”

One of the clear indicators of Scott getting in shape is I get dizzy.  Not in a bad way, not all the time, but as I get fit and loose weight, I occasionally get light headed when I stand up too fast.  I’ve achieved that.  The good news is – once my body gets used to that, it stabilizes a good deal and goes away.  It may seem strange to think that I’m excited about getting dizzy.  I’m really not excited about that – I’m just happy to be working out again and knowing it’s working.  (BTW –  the reason is my blood pressure has gone down, which is a good thing!

Some of this could be caused by all the new stuff I am doing.  This past week I ran over 14 miles, did the eliptical machine on 2 days and rode 30 miles.  I’d love to tell you that all the running and eliptical stuff helped my ride, but I’m not so certain.  The first 15 miles went great – the second… well, I survived!  I think the fitness helped, but my legs were tired from over 9 miles in the 2 days before, I was tired…. it was great to be back on my bike!

Next “stop” on the Scott World Oddity Tour – a 10k race saturday after next.  I hear it’s a great course for setting a PR – much easier than the Peachtree – so that is what I will try to do!