I really hate crashing

So I went out on a nice ride today.  A bunch of good guys, riding bikes – not all racers.  I may have been the only one who races.  The fasters group rides were longer – so I opted for a shorter route.  Well – after 30 ish years of riding a bicycle, being chased by dogs and always getting away without any major issue – I can no longer say that.

We were “just riding along” and I hate saying that.  Why?  In cycling circles – when a guy walks into a bike shop and says “I was just riding along”, you look at him and realize he was doing trials tricks on his road bike and broke his carbon bars.  This just isn’t the case – I was legitimately just riding along when a beagle looking dog ran RIGHT out in front of me.  I had ABSOLUTELY no where to go.  Those of you that know me know I would go WAY out of my way to save the dog, but it all happened so fast.  *BAM* – I hit the dog right in the middle… “T-boned” if you will.  I went over the bars and slammed down on my head and shoulder.

I’ve been checked out by a chiro and my shoulder is feeling better, but it hurts.  Not dislocated or any such thing.  The other usual questions:

The bike is beaten but not broken – Bars, brake lever, rear der and a few others bits are scratched – but all is fixable.

I was wearing a helmet – it’s in several pieces.  Basically – it did it’s job.

I don’t know how the dog is – which makes me sad.  He ran away, but we don’t know where he went.