Back in the day, when I was going to Alcoholics Anonymous, we had a saying – “A coincidence is a miracle God chose not to take credit for.”  One day at a time, for almost 23 years, I’ve remained clean and sober.  That little saying is something that has stuck with me ever since.

Last night, we piled into the Matrix and headed up to South Carolina for dinner.  Dad was in town, we had a few minutes, why not.  We had a great dinner.  Great time.  Good to see Dad for sure!

As we were leaving, I realized I had a missed call. It was Mom.  I called her back really quick and we talked for maybe 3 minutes.  Off we went.  We got about 20 miles into the trip and all of the sudden the traffic was coming to an abrupt halt.  As we sorted out the traffic, we passed a car.  It looked bad.

You can call it what you want.  I’m calling this one  miracle and giving full credit.  If we left 2-3 minutes earlier – we might have been there when the trailer fell off.  It was a brutal accident scene.  I now realize there was a woman comforting the two children in the back of the mini-van where their parents were dead in the front seat.  Ugly.

Be careful out there – it’s dangerous!

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