International Walk to School Day

It seems that there are enough “National” and “International” walk to school days to fill your calendar with walks!  Every time I turn around, it’s another national day.  I guess it’s like 5:00…. It is 5:00 somewhere!

Anyway – as it is the first Wednesday of the month, Derek’s school was doing the OFFICIAL Walk to School day, which apparently lines up with International Walk to School day in America (you figure that one out).  Having only missed one walk to school day since the inception of Walk to School Wednesday, we were of course on top of it!  (Derek didn’t go to school – and you can call me a slacker if you want to – but – I didn’t walk to school that day!)

Today – being the official day – we decided to join the masses.  We walked an extra 2/10ths of a mile up the road to the Church where people were meeting, signing in, getting shirts and fabulous parting gifts provided by FedEx (FedEx – I’ve bashed you in the past, I cant stand your Home Delivery – but supporting this makes me at least say nice things about you!  THANKS!)  This took a little bit longer.  It kind of wore on David and Kara a little bit, but it got all the kids mixed into the HERD of kids walking to school!  IT WAS CRAZY!  Last month, I saw two big “groups”.  Today, I saw at least four.  Ours was HUGE!  I think about 90% of our neighborhood walked!  We even picked up kids (with their parents permission) along the way!

Thanks to Beth and Steve for joining me in my quest!

Now … the secondary story.  My little “buckaroo” caught me walking out the door with Derek and he wanted to walk to school.  Max has recently hiked to the top of Kennesaw Mountain and back down with only limited problems, but pace is something he still controls.  It would not have worked out to take him on the morning walk with the older kids.  That – and he would have to walk BACK 1.5 miles – which is mostly uphill.  It would have been a grump-fest.  Unfortunately, his school is 2.5 miles away and there is no safe way to walk there (at least not if you are 4!).  As a parent, how can you say “No, you can’t walk to school” while supporting Walk to School day?  YOU CAN’T.

I got back in time and asked Max “Do you want to walk to school?”  He enthusiastically said YES!  What to do?  We jumped in the car and drove over to an office about 1/4 mile from Max’s school.  We got out and walked to school!  When we arrived, Max was telling EVERYBODY “I’m walking to school!” over and over!  He was so happy!  He went into his class and told all the kids!  Knowing that little guy – he’s going to convince ALL of his friends they need to walk to school!  I’ll probably make some parents mad – but hey … it’s NOT a bad thing!

A great way to start my day!