It might….

So today I didn’t want to get ready and ride at lunch.  I mean, its a lot of work, I’m busy.  I didn’t want to change my clothes – I didn’t want to go out side – so I started the “It mights”.  Here were my first set:

  • It might rain (it didn’t)
  • It might be windy (it’s always windy in the spring, get over it)
  • It might storm (it didn’t)
  • It might take to long (it didn’t)

Given all that – I really almost talked my way out of something kind of cool.  You see, as of today – about the time I turned on to scenic Cobb Parkway – I hit 500 miles in April!  That made me feel pretty good …

It might have have been easier if I thought of it this way:

  • It might be fun (it was).
  • It might be a nice day (it sort of was).
  • I might feel better when I am done (I did).
  • I might earn some points so I can eat a little extra biscuit or something (I did, but I rarely use those).

I don’t know if this will have the impact I wanted it to, it might… I can tell you that if you apply my old 95/5% rule to more days of your life – it will be better!

The 95/5 rule is simple:  If I take the time to work out, there is a 95% chance you wont regret it, a 95% chance it will help you in some way, a 95% chance you will feel better… only a 5% chance EVERYTHING will suck!