Facebook v. Twitter v. Google+

There are probably 10,000,000 comparisons out there just like this one, but those are written by some other guy that likes to type.  This is my blog and I am going to tell you what I like about each and what I don’t like.

Facebook – The grand daddy of them all (right now).  It won’t last forever, it will fade away just like AOL and MySpace.  They have a mega ton of users and are making money and life is good, but times are changing and in my opinion, they will sunset sooner or later.  They have a unique paradigm in place that generally annoys me, now that I have seen “the light”.  If I want to know what you are doing, you have to know what I am doing.  Now, that’s all fine and cool – but it’s annoying to me.  It’s not worth getting worked up about – but now that I have seen the light – I want to move away from that paradigm.

Twitter – Second in users, filled with worthlessness and being rapidly attacked by spamming douchebags.  I hate it.  Say “diet” or “weight loss” and you are going to get a bunch of mentions for the latest diet fads.  They need to crack down on that.  That being said, the fact that so many athletes and celebs are using it – it’s kind of fun to keep up with them.   I can “follow” you and you have no real knowledge of it.  That’s kind of cool.  You can also spam the world with anything I said – but thanks to cut/paste technology – that is probably true of everything these days.

Google+  The new kid on the block.  Similar friend logic to Twitter, but expanded into various groups they call circles.  This allows you to keep track of the people you are stalking by race, religion, creed, nationality, color, interest or any other such thing you chose to come up with.  It’s all up to you.  It ties nicely into a lot of google’s other products and has a GREAT user interface.  The mobile app is pretty slick.  The downfall…. FB has 750 million user, G+ 20.  That’s a huge difference.  Traffic is kind of slow.

All in all, I see great advantages to all three, but my head is pulling towards G+.  I really do like it.  They all have their issues – they are all an entertaining waste of time…. but we all seem to use them!


3 thoughts on “Facebook v. Twitter v. Google+”

  1. the biggest turnoff for G+ is its google. they already have your mail, your search history and your browsing… plus who knows what else. If someone else had done G+ I’d already be more stoked/less suspicious.

  2. And every app you install/grant access on Facebook gives the author of that app FULL access to EVERYTHING on Facebook. Apple has been busted for other information on the iPhone (location, I believe).

  3. hi,
    just read the article and loved it, did actually laugh out loud at one point and im completely in agreement with you, looking forward to using Google+ as does seem the best out of the three. Wanted to tweet this out so do you have a twitter handle/url?

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