Cobb DOT – Today you are a Higgly Town Hero

This morning I received an email from Cobb DOT.  They said “If you want to film the guys installing the solution – head over there this morning!  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was riding.  As soon as I got the message I headed right on over to see what was going on.  Hard to say I was sad everything was DONE!  Wow!  We recorded a little video to show you exactly what we found!  I am generally not much of a vlogger…. but in this case, I thought it was appropriate!


Now – looking at the video, some safety minded individuals will notice a large hole along the concret.  This concerned me a little so I did a little analysis of the situation.  I’m happy to tell you that I don’t think that is going to be much of a problem.  If you are THAT close to the wall, you’ve done something really stupid already.  You are likely to crash.  As this photo show – you have to be closer than a pedal width to the wall to get a wheel in… not something I do often!

Big hole - no problem

While I do question why they would do it that way, they may have a valid reason.  That was NEVER the point of contention here nor will it be now.  I will leave you – and this subject – with a photo that shows an ABSOLUTE positive action taken by Cobb DOT.  Outside of this being done prior to the road opening – NOTHING could have been done better.  Thank you very much!

The Final Photo - WELL DONE!

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  1. EXCELLENT!!!! I would love to see this simple solution at several grates in Atlanta. Props, Kudos, and thanks for the Cobb DOT for this.

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