What am I doing wrong?

I’m a really frustrated father today.  I have two really good kids.  Neither does anything majorly wrong.  One is getting As in advanced content classes, playing elite soccer and generally well liked.  (I know I like/love him!)  The other is adored by everybody he comes in contact with.  He does well in school, struggles with talking and goofing off – but I’m his father.  He cant help it!

I went into this weekend tired, worn out and maybe even grumpy.  A few things rubbed me the wrong way.  We had two nights of work that changed my sleep schedule.  I of course, managed that with caffiene, which gets the job done, but i’m not so sure it’s a good thing.  Does it really put me in the right mental place? 
It’s my weekend with kids.  We’ve had some fun, but we have also had our ‘moments’.  Derek is wandering… just randomly, at the wrong times.  Max has a burning desire to be in control and freaks out randomly if he is not in control.  I tried to keep this weekend kind of low key and that may be the problem, but everything they want to do costs $20+.  I’m not rich.  A movie…. Dave and Busters…. Skating … it just is all so damn expensive.  I tried getting us into geocaching and that sort of bit, but with a 4.5 year age difference, managing this is tough.  Couple that with a 2 bedroom condo where we are all very close – it just seems like its  been a bad weekend.  I hate it.  I want to have fun, but why does everything have to cost so much? 

I imagine I was high maintenance and a pain in the ass sometimes – but there has to be a better way.  Derek would LOVE to hike Kennesaw Mountain or something, but Max freaks out and stops walking.  I’m not strong enough to carry a midget up a mountain.  I don’t want to say no, no, no, no, no, no, no… I really don’t, but i’ve run out of creative ways to put things off.  What do I do?  Plan one big activity for each weekend?  I feel like I have to have a beach trip planned every weekend – the problem is there’s a soccer game in the middle of each one too. 

I’m probably whining, i’m certainly venting – but I’m genuinely reaching out for help.  Is this just a ‘breathe deep, relax and smile’ situation?