Thanksgiving Dinner

So, I I was feeling a little lonely and a little left out on Thanksgiving tradition, so I took matters into my own hand. I headed down to the grocery store and grabbed myself a reasonable feast for one:

Marie Callendar's Turkey Pot Pie
Kroger Hot and Ready Mac-n-Cheese
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
Kroger Sweet Corn
King's Hawaiian Rolls
Half a bag of salad
Diet Cheerwine

I really enjoyed it. I'm so thankful the grocery store was open for people like me who failed to prepare. I'm also glad to have friends and family who will put up with my silly posts, like this one!


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7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner”

  1. I'm also "rolling solo" today.  I haven't cooked yet, but I'm going for pork chops, brussels sprouts, and biscuits.

    I did get the kitchen clean and the dishes done.

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