That. Just. Happened!

So I went out and got Butterball… my little orange demon spawn who has a very bad habit.  Butterball hasn't perfected litterboxing.  I did the tricks everybody says… if you catch him, put him in the litterbox… blah blah blah.  Putting that kitten in a litterbox was similar to putting him in a canon.  out as fast as he went in.  Not good.

I previously had some experience with 'Dr. Elsely's Cat Attract' litter ( and found that it worked VERY VERY WELL.  The cat (Dallas) was sort of trained, but lazy.  Butterball just seemed unwilling to consider this.  

I headed off and bought another litterbox, 2 bags of Cat Attract and a bottle of 'Dr. Elsley's Ultra Litter Attractant" ( and set up 2 litterboxes.  I grabbed the kitten and put her in there… YAY!  It is Christmas – a present! …. I fully expected him to exit as fast as he went in.

The next moments of my life put me nearly in shock.

1)  He stood there, looking around like he had arrived at his final destination.
2)  He began moving the litter around, little over here, little over there….
3)  He dug a hole.
4)  He took a leak.
5)  He buried it all.
6)  He jumped out and looked like a real man!  

Well… Step 6 might have been a stretch, but for a 1.5 pound cat, he is pretty proud to be a man.

Wow… That. Just. Happened!

If you had told me it would have worked that great, I would have thought "yeah, right!"

#blogit #caturday  (in Australia) 

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