I want all of my people to consider this!

I left Facebook! I barely use twitter. I enjoy a drama free social life on +Google+

Let's do this!


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9 March is the Switch to Plus Day

What is it?

It's a day when we will all switch to Google+ from other social networks, making it our main social platform.


Because we think Google+ is better and should be adopted by more and more people. If your friends are not on G+ yet, suggest them to come. Switch to Plus Day is all about this: moving all together.

Sounds cool, what should i do?

Spread the word: reshare this post, make it viral, copy and paste it on your favourite social network, talk to your friends about this and about G+'s awesome features. Many more posts and images will come, this is just the beginning.

Eventually, you can join our community: https://plus.google.com/communities/103851212498603877515

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