Round 2

So tonight I headed down to the velodrome with +Derek Patton and +Max Patton. They were promptly joined by +Cindy Williams which means I had the LARGEST cheering section at the track tonight!

Five Lap Scratch

I rode it perfect, until… well… it came to finish it.  I just didn't have a jump at 31 mph.  Okay, maybe training would help?


Kinda kicking myself on this one, but eh… I lasted a while.  It was good.  I just wasn't thinking enough, but it was my first M-n-O in 2 years, what can you expect?

Points Race

I don't have endurance at high speed yet, but it will come.  I finished – was happy with that!  (I never quit)

I did win the following events:

+ Biggest Cheering Section
+ Most Enthusiastic Fans
+ Most Mojo Transfered
+ Proudest kids

I had fun too – that's what it is all about!

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One thought on “Round 2”

  1. Sorely wish we had a velodrome around here. Nothing in the province. Closest one is probably an 8 or 9 hour drive. Sounds like you had fun and know what you need to work on. Good job!

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