Massive Sale Going On

I'm cleaning out my stuff – for now its mostly bike stuff – but in the not too distant future lots of other random stuff will be sold!  I wont post too often – but I want to get the word out!

This stuff is on ebay – but I'm willing to make local arrangements if necessary or if it works best for all of us:

Shimano Dura Ace Track Pedals with Cleats and Straps

Carnac Piste Track Shoes – Size 42

Fizik Poggio Saddle

Litespeed Titanium Frame w/fork and others stuff

Campagnolo Record Track Wheel w/Mavic Rim

Mavic GEL 280 rim – SUPER LIGHT

Google+,@scottpatton on twitter or will work to get in touch!


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4 thoughts on “Massive Sale Going On”

  1. Litespeed Ultimate – 57.5, super fast frame, corners unbelievably well.  Rode it for a couple years – had a bad crash (not on that bike, on the track) gained a bunch of weight and ended up with needing a something stronger – then never went back to it.  Change position – need steeper seat tube angle and longer top tube … so now its available. 

    LOVE that frame, just doesnt fit any more!

  2. It's honestly the nicest riding frameset I've ever ridden.  It is a little odd to ride when you first get on it, the rear wheel is nice and tight … you can get around anything SUPER fast!  

    I spent HOURS trying to get it set up to the position I am riding now and it just wouldn't work.

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