Strange Ride

So I'm rolling down the comet, minding my own business on one of the false flats in the early sections.  It's not a hill, but you have to pedal pretty good.  All of the sudden I hear a buzz and look back and there is a big ole downhill tire coming around me going up hill.  I am like … WHAT?  

I've been passed by a lot of people, bigger, smaller, faster, slower, fatter, skinnier… but this dude rolls past me sitting STRAIGHT UP wearing a camel back and a safety vest, no bike shoes, no toe-clips, no straps, no nothing… not even sweating – its about 94 degrees!  HOW am I getting smoked that bad.

I do my best to hold his wheel and then he kicks me in my man-bits.  HE COASTS GOING UP HILL!  This breaks my spirit a bit, but whatever, he has more mojo than me?  

I catch him by the bike shop and realize his rear hub is about 20" in diameter and his rack has some sort of large box on it.  (Yeah, I got my arse kicked by a guy with a rack….) I then see a wire going into the axle and start to do the math.   The light changes and this guy TAKES OFF!  I mean, like a rat on crack – he is out of the box and making me look silly.  

I decide this isn't going to happen so I hit the drops and kick it on this flat section.  I catch up and check out his system as he is coasting along at 26 mph.  Safely in the draft on a downhill I am able to confirm my suspicions – this is some sort of power assist thing that moves the guy along pretty good.  

He realizes I am back there about 20 seconds later and nearly craps his pants as there is some traffic coming – there was no danger and at the next intersection, I aborted the comet and headed out to ride up some hills and play in traffic.  

Strange things to through your head when a fat guy on a mountain coasts away from you…. UPHILL!


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After Work Ride – Scott P.’s 25.2 mile bike ride
Scott rode 25.2 miles and moved up to 4th place on the leaderboard of the PSR from EWC to Pair Rd sw segment.

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