Now that felt good

So – as you may recall, on Wednesday nights, I do this thing where I sit in a lot of traffic, listen to Rage Against the Machine at insane volumes and get to the velodrome all jacked up on adrenalin and sometimes 5 hour energy… Yup, then I race and sweat a lot!

Tonight was no different…

We started with the Split Scratch – an Australian creation, apparently good for making me suffer.  Four weeks ago I rode my first and suffered, got dropped and well – was glad to get my first race under my belt.  Tonight – I hung in there, took a MONSTER pull in the chase group to get us back in the field and finished just behind the "money spots" – eh, there is no money … but you get the point!

Next – the 30 lap madison.  I guess to be fair, I have to admit my partner is a professional who has brought home the jersey in the points race in the past – but I try not to make them work too hard.  I did make Dan work hard – I sucked – but we came out of it with the win.  I'm proud of it because I never let us falter too bad.  I held on the best I could and gave it my all every time I was in the race.  I sucked, Dan rocked, it is a team event – so yeah, I won!  First win since 8/6/2011 (I didn't race in 2012).

The points race – I didn't get last!  Hey, its a LOT of racing for me coming in with little to no base training.  

I'm incredibly optimistic about my racing, my fitness, my weight loss and my happiness.  Things are going well and I look forward to finishing off this season – and getting ready for next!  

I think if I continue these crazy challenges, start upping my riding, maybe even do some fall running – eating right – I won't be riding the B/C race next year – rather the A/B.  That may curb a few placings here and there, but I'd rather race with the faster group any day.  It's good to be back… Come back 2013 is a success!  Now, to get some more results and most of all…. Have some more FUN!


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