My name is Scott and I ate cookies

So … two weeks ago today, I was full of vim and vigor and I went out for what was supposed to be a 35 mile ride. I was feeling REALLY good at 17.5 so I decided to go to a popular landmark and make it 40. It was a great ride for 25 miles. Unfortunately it was 41 miles long. I bonked, felt like ass and was miserable. The next day, I felt worse… I got home an weighed a record low. Well – something good came out of it (or… I was dehydrated and thats why I felt like dogmeat?

I had been doing REALLY good leading up to this – but I decided to rest for 2 days. After 2 days … I weighed in and had gained 4 pounds and my brain shit the bed. I entered into a tail-spin and came up with all kinds of crazy ways to NOT work out. I was off the wagon. It all came to a full on "relapse" yesterday when I decided to have two REALLY FREEKING GOOD cookies. I didn't buy them, I came upon them … I ate them.

Yeah, only a fat food addict can write a blog post about feeling like shit because he ate a stupid cookie. My co-workers caught me. (I didn't really hide, I walked past them eating it). They gave me a hard time (thank you) and I said – I'm making a change…. TOMORROW.

Well, I would have binged more at home last night – but we didn't have any junk (probably good). Today, I got up, had a healthy brunch (because I was chilling and playing video games and forgot to eat breakfast). I then headed to the comet and got in my bike ride. I'm back…. tracking my food and working out.

Why is this even remotely noteworthy? My typical trip off the wagon results in a 8-20 pound gain and lasts 4-52 weeks. I'm glad I was able to make a U-Turn and get back on it! I've got a big ride in 7 weeks (I think it's 7?)

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far!


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One thought on “My name is Scott and I ate cookies”

  1. Nothing better for weight loss, than a goal to work towards. 7 weeks is just the right amount of time, too.

    Btw – I always weigh myself before and after rides – you're always going to lose water weight during a ride, obviously, and weighing yourself is a good way to find out how much water you're down, vs when you started. 

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