Why #Keto Works For Me

Why #Keto Works For Me

It's no secret I've lost a lot of weight in the past 9 months. Most of it I can directly attribute to myself adopting a #ketogenic diet. For those that don't know, Keto is a low carb, high fat diet. Many will say "Oh, like Atkins." Sort of – but less protien, more fat. You eat 20 grams or less a day of carbs, you eat about a gram of protein for every pound of lean body mass you have and the rest of your diet comes from fat. When I heard about this – I thought it was crap, stupid, worthless…. yeah, 52 pounds and 6+ inches off my waist later, I'm a believer.

For me, it's the perfect diet (right now). And I don't mean weight loss diet, I mean lifestyle diet. You see, I've been sober for over 29 years. Some days, I am not sober due to my "great" recovery, rather than simply saying "I cannot drink that, I am not allowed." I made a rule for myself. Also, at 29 years … 1 drink is a pretty remarkable f'up and I don't want to start the count over.

Okay, so that may have sounded random – but in fact, it is the current secret to my success. I cannot eat carbs. They make me fat. I learned that and I believe that and I don't eat carbs. It's almost binary for me. "Can eat that". "Cannot eat that". If I cannot eat it, I do not eat it. I have cheated exactly once. I ate 2" of a twizzler. I don't have just one cookie. I don't have just a few chips. I would rather be hungry than eat something I am not allowed to.

Now – this wont work for everyone. A friend of mine cant do low Keto because it causes his gout to flair up. Others I have heard have kidney/liver issues. I've been fine – and for that I am grateful. I hear lots of people say "It's too hard". Bullshit. Eating bacon is not hard. Eating a cheeseburger is not hard. Only eating leafy green vegetables is not hard. Picking up 400 pounds is hard. Giving birth is hard. Keto is easy.

I have lots of tips, tricks, hacks and other comments I'd gladly share with just about anyone. The key to my success is watch my carbs, and remember the basic slogan …. "Keep Calm and Keto On".

It's not an overnight weight loss program, it's a way of eating that gets your body using fat. Once you get there …. life gets REALLY GOOD!

Just like in AA…. One day at a time ….


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