One year later

So, about a year ago, a friend posted something about his weight. He said "I used to joke about my weight, but it's no longer a laughing matter. I went for a bike ride and it sucked" or something of that nature. I had not ridden in about 5 months, so I figured I would try it.

That's all I had in the tank. It sucked. I was slow, hot, out of my sorts. I went for 27… I came home with 15.3. This ride alone ultimately was one of several factors that put me into what some folks call – a funk. I was depressed.

Well … if you follow me, you know what happened around Labor Day. Yeah – pretty much – I decided I wasn't going to accept that my cycling career was over and that I was destined to be fat.

Scroll forward about 82 pounds and 3720 miles – I went for a little bike ride today.

Just a little different! Feels great to be a cyclist!


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Morning Ride – Scott Patton’s 15.3 mi bike ride

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