Hacked … or something

A while back, I said I really missed blogging and was going to try it. That didn’t pan out. I don’t know why – but it didn’t. Then a few weeks ago I tried to show somebody a post from my blog and it was all jacked up and even blocked at his work place. I “cleaned it up” but well, I guess not really. I just spent a full morning cleaning out this basically worthless corner of the internet – and I do believe it’s really cleaned. If not, I’ll continue my fight!

It’s at times like this that I wonder how many people actually go to a website, are immediately re-directed to some other random website and think “OH SHIT! I need me some of this russian porn subscription!” I have to believe, based on the proliferation of bullshit, that people actually do. I don’t know – just my take on it all.

Anyway – it’s a tired Saturday for me. I got called for work at 2:00 am on Friday and my body/brain doesn’t recover like it used to. Basically kicked my ass. I’ll come through!