It’s time for a whole new #Hashtag

You know what they say… “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work!”  In 2016 I coined my hashtag “#FiftyNotFat” with a goal of not being fat on my birthday – when I turned 50.  That went great!  I lost a metric ton of weight (or about 80 pounds).  I felt good about myself and I got into INCREDIBLE SHAPE!  I would say to myself “Will eating this help me meet my goal?  Nope – didn’t eat it.  I was SUPER focused.  Perhaps even too focused – but I did it!  I was happy.

As I turned 50 – and got busy doing other stuff, had a bunch of stress at work, did all kinds of things differently – I kind of got away from my focus, my workouts, my #keto and my diligence.  I gained back some of the weight (25 pounds, give or take) and got out of shape.  This situation came to a head last night, as I was watching TV uncomfortable in my shorts and just feeling fat.  I realized I was headed back towards my 285 pound self.  I decided – at that moment – to make another commitment to myself.

Last time – people would mention my hashtag, they would say it to me, etc… it was fun.  It worked great.   So – this time, i’m biting off a little more.  #FiftiesNotFat – with a goal of not being fat during my 50s.  I’ve got some work to do to get back below the line – and then some ongoing work to keep it going.  I quite honestly think the key is not going completely obsessed about any one thing.  The 2400 miles in 3 months REALLY wore me out.  It’s hard to do that stuff and have a job and be 50.

Anyway – let’s welcome in the new #FiftiesNotFat hashtag!  I kicked it off with about a 5k run.  Plan to do something tomorrow morning as well!

Hacked … or something

A while back, I said I really missed blogging and was going to try it. That didn’t pan out. I don’t know why – but it didn’t. Then a few weeks ago I tried to show somebody a post from my blog and it was all jacked up and even blocked at his work place. I “cleaned it up” but well, I guess not really. I just spent a full morning cleaning out this basically worthless corner of the internet – and I do believe it’s really cleaned. If not, I’ll continue my fight!

It’s at times like this that I wonder how many people actually go to a website, are immediately re-directed to some other random website and think “OH SHIT! I need me some of this russian porn subscription!” I have to believe, based on the proliferation of bullshit, that people actually do. I don’t know – just my take on it all.

Anyway – it’s a tired Saturday for me. I got called for work at 2:00 am on Friday and my body/brain doesn’t recover like it used to. Basically kicked my ass. I’ll come through!

I cant lose my keys

So last month, a friend of mind complained about something I know nothing about. I was bored so I decided to pretend I was an expert on the subject. This odd interaction led me to purchasing stuff… The subject was “Tile Bluetooth Trackers”. He apparently uses them to find things. I decided that as much as I lose things, these could help me.  

I may have a sick sense of humor, but I found it utterly hilarious that the USPS *LOST* the items I bought to track the stuff I lose!  

Here is the strange side-effect of owning 2 of these Tile devices.  I have not “lost” my keys in 2 full weeks.  That is a new record!  How do I know this?  I have DESPERATELY wanted to use this gizmo to find my keys!  I want to play with it!  Nope … i’m “blocked”. 

Anyways – I like not losing stuff enough to get some for my wallet, my work badge, and other crap I lose… I think they are cool gadgets!