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  • Red Hooded Sweatshirt…

    Posted on December 12th, 2008 Scott No comments

    This blog will have nothing to do with Red Hooded Sweatshirts… it’s in my ear holes.

    Eight weeks ago, the management at work decided we needed to do some “Team Building”.  They split 30 people into 5 teams and got us all to make “Movies”.  They gave us some rules, a little free time to do it.  They set us free.  We “picked” our team in a kickball like election and it was on like donkey kong.

    Today, was the big “Premier” of the movies.  We had a big lunch, hung out and watched them while an esteemed panel of judges graded us.  Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowel all watched, commented and when the dust settled – we were the winner on several fronts! We got the bitter Simon to say we had the “Best use of chocolate rain”.  Paula said it was “Colorful” and she “likes pink”.  Randy welcomed me into the dawg pound…

    My team rocked this movie!  We had our ups.  We had our downs.  We argued, spatted… worked well together and had great ideas.  Over eight weeks, we “bonded” in an unexpected way.  We really did form a team.  We won the “Best Picture” award!  I was so happy!  I mean, it seemed almost like torture at times to be doing this – but in the end the excitement I shared with Chris, Ryan, Patrice, Ryan and Bubba was worth every bit of the effort.  We were a team and we won!  With the 5 of them supporting me, I also won the “Best Actor” award.   I didn’t expect that – as you watch the video, you will realize – it’s just me – being me – in a wig!

    I hope you enjoy!

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