Comcast comes through – a day late and a dollar short?

A lot has happened in the last 18 hours.  24 hours ago, I was put on hold and nobody every answered.  This was after the guy offered to cancel my comcast service.  Maybe I should have taken him up on it, may I did the right thing.

23 hours ago, I found “Iva”, my online representative that sensed my frustration and tried, but common telephone and chat reps cant dispatch a tech to do something that would (likely) take less than 30 seconds to fix.

18 hours ago, I got pissed off and wanted to make sure the Comcast name was dragged through the mud.  I posted an account of very poor customer service on my blog.

17 hours and 56 minutes ago, things changed dramatically.  I received a message from “@comcastcares” on twitter.  Wow, what is this?  You can learn all about this person/service on twitter ( ).  I read the page and it looked like this person might be able to help.  Mind you, this was FOUR MINUTES after I posted a heated blog post!  I sent him my phone number and he replied promptly.  He found my situation to have been handled inappropriately and was forwarding this on to the local VP of customer servers.  Iva had already scheduled me an appointment, and he promised me they would show up.

I got up and did my thing.  At 9:00 I got a voicemail from Evyln in Comcasts Exective offices.  She sounded polite and worried about my situation.  About 20 minutes after that, I got a call from another Comcast guy that said he would be fixing my cable to day, please call him to set up a time.  I called and we set a time.  He showed up on time and in less than 3 minutes, my cable was restored without them entering my home.  They did come in and check my set just to make sure.  They told me that the person installed the wrong “trap”. The tech (actually a Supervisor) gave me his business card and his direct line and indicated I could contact him direclty.

Cable is working as it should.

Comcast, I know you are listening.  I will call Evelyn back and discuss this with her privately.  I will discuss this in detail.  As the economy goes further into the crapper, I am questioning my $18 cable charge at this point.  We did pretty much ok for the 3 days without it.  I’ve already thought about dropping my home phone service (a $39 a month savings) and I am sure AT&T would love to sell me DSL again.

I started this to save some money.  I called and asked 3 times – what is the cheapest price I can pay for cable.  I was told $59.99.  You save more in a bundle.  My wife found $18.00 on the website.  When I asked, the admitted to it… but they never offered the information.  I had an appointment to break my cable scheduled without my knowledge.  That appointment happened without me being at my home.  I was told that the techs could fix it without me being present, but techs wont come without you present.  I told them what the problem was (it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out) yet the told me that was not the case.  Finally – I yell and scream on the internet and action happens.

While I applaud Comcast for monitoring twitter as it’s a great place to find frustrated people venting, I do believe a ounce of prevention would have been worth the pound of cure you had to throw at my situation.  I did some investigation and it appears they have 3-5 people monitoring twitter and helping people with tech issues (email setup, config, speed, any tech issues really).  Some would worry that “big brother” was watching, but knowing the technology as well as I do – I can tell you they are just watching public information.  Anybody could have seen my post last night.

The funny thing is, my neighbor saw this – she said “Scott, we were about to switch to Comcast today!  Should we?”.  I don’t know.  I’ve seen the worst of customer service followed by the best.  Why is their never time to do it right the first time but there is always time to do it again?

I’m curious if @comcastcares will respond!

More to follow…

I won’t post anything more about Comcast until it’s resolved. There was an interesting “twist” last night – but they have to fix it before I can give you details. Have a good day – look for an update later!

Comcast SUCKS!

The purpose of this blog post is to tell about the absolutely TERRIBLE customer service Comcast has.  It’s no secret, but I know my blog goes get read by the google crawlers – I know if I write comcast, disconnect, sucks, poor service … in a month, a year, sometime, somebody will see this.  Chances are some poor person that works for the media giant will have to read this.  One side of me feel sorry for them as I am about to bash their company … you didn’t do it … but you did pick your employer.

A week or two ago, Sarah and I decided to just have basic cable.  The most basic… $18 a month, a few channels, have a nice day.  I took back my equipment and every TV in the house worked great!

On Tuesday of this week, we had a voicemail – verifying our appointment on Wednesday.  Apparently, they wanted to put a “filter” on the line, to prevent me from watching “special channels”.

Great … lovely.  Whatever.

Wednesday they came.  They did not enter my home.  They put a filter on my line.  ALL OF MY CHANNELS DO NOT WORK!

Wednesday night, I called and told them of this and the PROMISED me it would be fixed by THURSDAY!  Great… I can deal with that.  I stressed i would NOT be home, the problem is OUTSIDE the house.

Thursday – no go.  Called.  PROMISED it would be done on Friday.  I *AGAIN* stressed i would NOT be home, the problem is OUTSIDE the house.

Friday – 2 voicemails from comcast.  “We want to come, but you need to be home.”

Friday night – still no cable.  I called and talked to a guy for 20 minutes.  I told him he had better get it fixed or I would cancel.  He offered to cancel it.  I told him I wanted to talk to his boss.  He said “He is in a meeting”.  Put me on hold – I was on hold for 30+ minutes, no check back.

I got sick of waiting so I went to their website and found somebody to chat with.  They promised me (yeah right) it would be fixed by tomorrow.  We will see.

Comcast broke my cable television.
Comcast did not live up to expectations for THREE DAYS!
A Comcast employee left a paying customer on hold for over 30 minute.

From everything people tell me, I just got a discounted bill for a while, but … is it worth it?  LAME!

I hope the crawler gets this … I’d just like to tell the truth and let people know Comcast still sucks.

Five years ago….

Five years ago, on this day, a nervous guy stood outside of the Old Chicago resturaunt on Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs.  Nervous.  Pacing.  The anticipation building…

You see, this guy was sick of and went to cancel his account.  He logged in to end the cycle that was “”, but somebody had “winked” at him.  Whoa… that’s cool, let’s look at the profile!  She’s was a little bit below the “age limit”, but she had a wonderful smile.  Eh… why cancel today?  Wink back…

One thing led to another and an seemlessly trivial wink/login turned into another first date.  Little did this fella know it would be his last first date!

Right now, I’d love to go to Old Chicago with Sarah and enjoy a buffalo chicken calzone, while we discussed random stuff and wondered “what are they thinking?”.  Unfortunately, it’s about 1700 miles away, which is about 1675 miles more than I like to travel for lunch, but the fact that it is Friday January 30th makes me think about that day.  A quick lunch, a walk over to Starbucks… a call on the way back to the office that would forever change my life!  Who knew that in 2 days we would watch the superbowl together (again at Old Chicago), who know that in less than a year we would be married?  Who knew… I sure didn’t!

Sarah, I love you!  Tomorrow we begin your training for a century.  It won’t be easy, but I know you.  If you put your mind to this, you can do it!  I will be right there with you.  Heck, by most accounts… you have a bus to “motorpace” behind!  Few team-in-training people bring their own tank to ride behind!  It’s just the start of another chapter in our lives!  It’s been a great 5 years.  The next five will be even better!


On Saturday – Sarah embarks on her next Team-in-Training effort.  After the knee issues prevented her from running the Disney dealio – she was still “owed” an event.  Knowing her knees were tender, I suggested she try riding her very nice bike… and she said yes.  So she is planning on doing the Fletcher Flyer in June.  Coming into this – her longest ride on  bicycle (that I know of) is 22 miles, so this will not be an easy task for her.  It is, fortunately, a task that I can help and participate in.  While I am not a member of the Team in Training team… I am teamless … but I am part of Sarah’s team… so that’s good.  I will train with her and ride the century as well.

I am excited, nervous and curious as to what the next 4-5 months hold.  The biggest challenge early on will be the … ahem… “seat issues”.  I can get on a bike and live through the first few weeks of saddle issues.  They suck, but I know it gets better.  Convincing somebody who’s buttock hurts that it will get better … that’s a challenge!  At least when your butt hurts, you can still walk!  When her knee was funky… that wasn’t working out so well!

I look forward to it.  The ride should be a LOT of fun.  My sources tell me the roads are nice, the area is nice, it’s all nice!