That’s all I have to say about that…

2008 is basically a blur today.  Where did it go?  Wow… it’s over.  Incredible.  I’m pretty much amazed.  It was a good year, it was a bad year.  I could spend hours recapping the trials and tribulations over the past year, but where would that get us?  Bored?  Happy?  Tear-ee eyed?  Who knows.  It is what it is.  I think 2009 will be good.  I really do.

On a more specific topic – I rode my fixie yesterday.  Why am I so drawn to fixed gear riding?  I don’t know, I just love it.  The pure simplicity, the “freedom” from bull shizzle.  I don’t know.  I really enjoy it.  I love track racing and all, but there is something so pure about climbing on a fixie and taking off on the road.  The hills hurt worse – but you don’t need as small a gear.  Just when you think you can’t pedal any faster… you can.  That yearly “oops” when you forget and try to coast, your real wheel comes off the ground and you save it like nothing happened …  Inside you feel like a total beginner… but you just ride like it didn’t happen.  You feel stupid… but soon after, you are relaxed and in your zone – it doesn’t happen again for another year or two… never having to think about changing gears.  Never caring … just pedalling.  Your legs work … or float… it’s so simple.  (for total clarification, on the road I have a fixie w/2 brakes and don’t feel the need to ever ride without them.)

Maybe it goes back to when dad built me my nishiki paper route bike, a 1″ pitch fixie … or my pre-trackie days when I fantasized about racing track… I don’t know.  I love it.  I’ve kind of taken a twist in my fixism… a unicycle.  It’s sort of the ultimate in minimalistic cycling.  No brakes, 1 wheel, a seat… If/when I master the unicycle, I will probably have to try the Ultimate Wheel.  (think unicycle without a seat… just a wheel).

Ah well… hopefully my unicycle makes it to Georgia before the weekend so I can practice my new found insanity!

You all have a great night… and a wonderful 2009.  Hopefully in the not too distant future, I can tell you about riding around on my unicyle!

Happy New Year!

Feeling Old

So my son came up with something last night.  I am as old as everybody else in my house – combined.

  • Sarah is 30
  • Derek is 7
  • Max is 3
  • Scott is 40

Crazy – I have to say.  It will be this way until my birthday, then I will be older…. then the trio will catch back up on Derek’s birthday… and we are tied again for about a month … then it will never happen again.  I guess then they can all feel old?  I doubt that will happen!

Red Hooded Sweatshirt…

This blog will have nothing to do with Red Hooded Sweatshirts… it’s in my ear holes.

Eight weeks ago, the management at work decided we needed to do some “Team Building”.  They split 30 people into 5 teams and got us all to make “Movies”.  They gave us some rules, a little free time to do it.  They set us free.  We “picked” our team in a kickball like election and it was on like donkey kong.

Today, was the big “Premier” of the movies.  We had a big lunch, hung out and watched them while an esteemed panel of judges graded us.  Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowel all watched, commented and when the dust settled – we were the winner on several fronts! We got the bitter Simon to say we had the “Best use of chocolate rain”.  Paula said it was “Colorful” and she “likes pink”.  Randy welcomed me into the dawg pound…

My team rocked this movie!  We had our ups.  We had our downs.  We argued, spatted… worked well together and had great ideas.  Over eight weeks, we “bonded” in an unexpected way.  We really did form a team.  We won the “Best Picture” award!  I was so happy!  I mean, it seemed almost like torture at times to be doing this – but in the end the excitement I shared with Chris, Ryan, Patrice, Ryan and Bubba was worth every bit of the effort.  We were a team and we won!  With the 5 of them supporting me, I also won the “Best Actor” award.   I didn’t expect that – as you watch the video, you will realize – it’s just me – being me – in a wig!

I hope you enjoy!

Where have all the blog posts gone?

They have fallen off and that frustates me.  I enjoy scribbling down some random words of “wit”, entertainment or even venting.  It’s often relaxing or humorous for me.  The problem is I have all of these GREAT blog ideas when I am away from the computer.  I could blog about this, that or the other thing – but I dont remember when I am sitting at the computer.  Bleh…

This past weekend I spent 4 days in “Mayberry”.  That’s where my in-laws live.  It’s a strange place that never really seems to change.  Some know it as Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  I like the place and all… but a quick trip down Main Street can leave a guy pondering a lot of odd things.  Maybe that’s just me… but one thing I noticed was how nice the town is kept.  The homes, the yards… Andy Griffith must be proud.

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving.  If you’ve never had a Turduken – I’d give it a go!  I really enjoyed it.  I thought the meat was excellent.  The kids were all wonderful – good food, good family, good fun!

While I was there I met a woman named “Libby-May”.  We had a brief conversation on the elevator.  She told me her husband had been in the hospital.  I said “Oh no, I hope he is ok”.  She said “He isn’t”.  A few minutes later paramedics were bringing him home.  I saw him and knew he wasn’t well.  The man looked very sick and even a bit scared.  Libby-May’s husband passed away 2 days later.  For some reason, this little “exchange” has me a little rattled.  I don’t know why – I had to say something as I think I will forever remember the look on his face as he was getting wheeled back to his Condo.

I’d also like to say that I don’t think campaigning politicians should be exempt from no-call lists.  With the whole country watching the Georgia run-off, I can’t count the number of calls we got.  I even got a call from the maveric, Sarah Palin.  For the love of pearl – leave us alone!  I will never a) buy crap because you called me b) change my vote because you called me c) be nice to you if you are telemarketting and call me when I am on a no-call list.  To all the telemarketers out there – I do not like getting calls from you.  GO AWAY!

Wow… this had the good, the bad and the ugly… Maybe I should have waited until I was more awake?  This makes me laugh, maybe it will make you laugh too!