Where have all the blog posts gone?

They have fallen off and that frustates me.  I enjoy scribbling down some random words of “wit”, entertainment or even venting.  It’s often relaxing or humorous for me.  The problem is I have all of these GREAT blog ideas when I am away from the computer.  I could blog about this, that or the other thing – but I dont remember when I am sitting at the computer.  Bleh…

This past weekend I spent 4 days in “Mayberry”.  That’s where my in-laws live.  It’s a strange place that never really seems to change.  Some know it as Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  I like the place and all… but a quick trip down Main Street can leave a guy pondering a lot of odd things.  Maybe that’s just me… but one thing I noticed was how nice the town is kept.  The homes, the yards… Andy Griffith must be proud.

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving.  If you’ve never had a Turduken – I’d give it a go!  I really enjoyed it.  I thought the meat was excellent.  The kids were all wonderful – good food, good family, good fun!

While I was there I met a woman named “Libby-May”.  We had a brief conversation on the elevator.  She told me her husband had been in the hospital.  I said “Oh no, I hope he is ok”.  She said “He isn’t”.  A few minutes later paramedics were bringing him home.  I saw him and knew he wasn’t well.  The man looked very sick and even a bit scared.  Libby-May’s husband passed away 2 days later.  For some reason, this little “exchange” has me a little rattled.  I don’t know why – I had to say something as I think I will forever remember the look on his face as he was getting wheeled back to his Condo.

I’d also like to say that I don’t think campaigning politicians should be exempt from no-call lists.  With the whole country watching the Georgia run-off, I can’t count the number of calls we got.  I even got a call from the maveric, Sarah Palin.  For the love of pearl – leave us alone!  I will never a) buy crap because you called me b) change my vote because you called me c) be nice to you if you are telemarketting and call me when I am on a no-call list.  To all the telemarketers out there – I do not like getting calls from you.  GO AWAY!

Wow… this had the good, the bad and the ugly… Maybe I should have waited until I was more awake?  This makes me laugh, maybe it will make you laugh too!