Catching up and infomercial ghosts

It’s come to my attention that some of my adoring fans have missed my blog experience.  I apologize for my inconsistencies and lack of updates, but I have been busy.  Very busy.  I know this only takes a minute but sometimes it is just hard to get started.  Thank you the kick in my virtual backside to get me started.

So … what’s up?  Well, I’ve been going crazy at work.  Taking on new tasks, doing new things and trying to go above and beyond.  Just as things were looking good, an “opportunity to excel” kicked me in the crotch.  We have a customer that is “high maintenance”.  I won’t go into any details as I don’t want anybody to find this and think I don’t love them, after all… stupid kids need love too.  Well, they have just been a little more special this past few weeks and really had me working harder.  We will get them under control and help them resolve any issues they might have – it may just take a while.

On the home front, things are good.  Max has moved into a phase of “testing the water”.  He is pretty much sure he is in charge and doesn’t like it too much when those that are in charge question his perceived authority.  Derek’s lost another tooth – which he gets pretty excited about.  He just looks kind of funny with his limited tooth pattern!  Sarah is running… trying to raise money.  If you need a little tax break, she sure could use a donation (100% tax deductible!)  Check out for information!

You may be wondering what exactly is an informercial ghost?  Let me tell you!  For a long time, we had heard about the “Marietta Ghost Tours”.  Our social coordinator and neighbor, Jerri, set up a “Ghouls Night Out”.  She gathred up about 20 people and we met to take the tour.  I was kind of excited and enjoyed it, but as I think back, we went on a paid infomercial for various businesses around Marietta Square.  I have talked to Sarah as well as a few other people about this and they agree.  “Three Bears Cafe, which has live Music on Friday and Saturday Night” …. “Not only does Hemingways offer fine dining, but it has a history of ghosts!” … “Take a look in the window and maybe you will see a ghost!” in front of numerous stores.  Yeah, we paid to learn about the stores that people had paid to have us learn about!  The good news is we went with good people, we had fun, it was a good time!

Unrelated to anything mentioned here – but it was good to have Tony Romo back on the field playing for the Cowboys.  They won again or the first time in a long time – and that is good.  Of course they are only tied for second, 3 games back – with the Eagles 1 game back, but you have to start SOMEWHERE!

Oh… and I guess to finish this one off, I did go on a good bike ride this weekend.  It was pretty chilly, but a good ride none the less.  I rode with a guy I met at one of Aida’s parties.  He showed me the loop they do on Saturday mornings.  Quite fun to ride with some body for a little while.  Riding at lunch is good, but some variety spices things up a bit.  I didn’t ride very well.  I think it was partially my lack of regular riding, partially my eating too much lately and partially the cold.  Two of the three I can do something about.  I may not ride as much, but I think getting back on my regular routine of working out will help with those stressful situations at work.

That’s all I have to say about that…