On Saturday – Sarah embarks on her next Team-in-Training effort.  After the knee issues prevented her from running the Disney dealio – she was still “owed” an event.  Knowing her knees were tender, I suggested she try riding her very nice bike… and she said yes.  So she is planning on doing the Fletcher Flyer in June.  Coming into this – her longest ride on  bicycle (that I know of) is 22 miles, so this will not be an easy task for her.  It is, fortunately, a task that I can help and participate in.  While I am not a member of the Team in Training team… I am teamless … but I am part of Sarah’s team… so that’s good.  I will train with her and ride the century as well.

I am excited, nervous and curious as to what the next 4-5 months hold.  The biggest challenge early on will be the … ahem… “seat issues”.  I can get on a bike and live through the first few weeks of saddle issues.  They suck, but I know it gets better.  Convincing somebody who’s buttock hurts that it will get better … that’s a challenge!  At least when your butt hurts, you can still walk!  When her knee was funky… that wasn’t working out so well!

I look forward to it.  The ride should be a LOT of fun.  My sources tell me the roads are nice, the area is nice, it’s all nice!

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  1. Yep, the saddle sore does suck for the first few but it does go away pretty quick. Just gotta tough it out.

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