A good day

Today has gone better than yesterday.  I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs – but you know what, it’s ok.  I’m sure tonight will be interesting.  Trying to guide Max and Derek though their grieving should be different, but we can handle it.

Saturday – we will have a memorial service for Tiger.  It’s a small service planned for our back 40… (behind the fence).  We will bury his collar and remember him a little bit.  All are invited… we will not be providing seating or anything fancy, dress is as you are 😉  You know – come to think of it … Tiger was always happiest IN the backyard – I’m going to do it inside the fence.  There was nothing as funny as seeing a 20 pound cat with his belly swinging side to side running through tall grass thinking his clawless self was some sort of jungle cat!  Yes – Saturday, we will remember our favorite fat cat!

I was reminded, internally, how good a “drug” working out can be.  I don’t know all the exact details – but I know that when you work out, specifically when you work out hard, you release a lot of chemicals into your brain.  Endorphins are part of that chemical cocktail.  All of the stuff releases into your mellon and makes your brain work better, which makes you feel better!  I had a good workout today.  Not my hardest, fastest, longest… just a good session on the Eliptical machine.

Tomorrow will be running – most likely.  I’m enjoying the running as long as I do it every other day.  I’m just too big to slam down on my body over and over again.  I need a break.  I’m pondering trying to re-start MaxFit on Monday.  I really like that program, I just found the doctor to be pretty much a loser.  He may be the greatest in the world, but if you wont reply to emails sent directly to you – you are a loser.

Tomorrow – I weigh in.  Things are going well on that front – I’ve got a long way to go – but I’m ahead of the past couple of years (by a good margin).  I’d like to be a lot lighter for the PeachTree… That will help me pull my extra 5 minutes off the top!

Are you ready for Conficker?


If you cant get to either of those sites, you have a problem.  You have been infected with the W32/Conficker virus due to attack the internet tomorrow.

I don’t claim to have any idea what it will do, i’ve read a little – but I am not an expert.  It’s set up to go bonkers on April first.

Even if you can get to both of those sites, never ever run IE again.  Avoid using IE at all costs.  Here are some other good options:

That is in the order I would rate them.  In my opinion, IE is the single biggest security hole online.  It’s nearly criminal!

Today’s a great day to update your virus protection, head over to http://windowsupdated.microsoft.com and get things cleared out!

Of course, if you are one of the people I have convinced you should use a Mac … you have NOTHING to worry about!  🙂

5 wheels + 1 wheel – how many bicycles?

So we decided to make life easier and “ride from home”. We still need a lot of work refining our getting ready routine, but we did it. Rode from our home… a victory in many ways. Sarah’s “lady bits” (my friend called them that) are not enjoying life so much today – but that can be expected. She did really good riding around our area which is hilly. I kind of think she is starting to respect what cyclist do a bit more as she realizes its not “just riding a bike”.

I impressed myself, dragging the kids (Derek on the trail-a-bike, Max in the trailer – 5 wheels) up 2 reasonably large hills (those who have been to my house, we made it to the house…). It was good.

Later, during nap time I took Derek with me and we went for some unicycling. I did really well today… in my down hill unicycling! (yeah, down hill). You see, the hard part for me is keeping the wheel rolling… and going down a slight grade, it helped. I bet I rode 15 feet two or three times!

I’ll get that thing figgered out!


On Saturday – Sarah embarks on her next Team-in-Training effort.  After the knee issues prevented her from running the Disney dealio – she was still “owed” an event.  Knowing her knees were tender, I suggested she try riding her very nice bike… and she said yes.  So she is planning on doing the Fletcher Flyer in June.  Coming into this – her longest ride on  bicycle (that I know of) is 22 miles, so this will not be an easy task for her.  It is, fortunately, a task that I can help and participate in.  While I am not a member of the Team in Training team… I am teamless … but I am part of Sarah’s team… so that’s good.  I will train with her and ride the century as well.

I am excited, nervous and curious as to what the next 4-5 months hold.  The biggest challenge early on will be the … ahem… “seat issues”.  I can get on a bike and live through the first few weeks of saddle issues.  They suck, but I know it gets better.  Convincing somebody who’s buttock hurts that it will get better … that’s a challenge!  At least when your butt hurts, you can still walk!  When her knee was funky… that wasn’t working out so well!

I look forward to it.  The ride should be a LOT of fun.  My sources tell me the roads are nice, the area is nice, it’s all nice!

Beating up the short-bus driver

Sarah went out running on Saturday and ran a long ways – 6+ miles.  I don’t have the details in my brain cell, but it was 6ish… she then came up with an idea that we go biking and suggested a bicycle configuration I wasn’t really prepared for at the moment, but with 2 cups of coffee and an hours or so – anything can happen.

We packed up the van and headed to the Silver Comet.  I was on the Frankenbike, Derek on the Trail-a-bike and Max in tow.  Sarah was on her chick bike (It’s a chick bike – cuz it’s got little pink bits all over that chicks dig).  We got to the trail, saddled up and off we went.  The first mile or so was rocky … not the trail, just getting everybody in their places so they could have bright shining faces.  Sarah was cruising along at a good pace.  I was suprised.  Doing quite well.  I was well within my comfort zone, but the pace was suprising.

About 11 miles out on the SCT, there is a really neat tunnel.  It’s cool, nice… and 11 miles out.  I like to ride through it.  Sarah knew this and had secretly planned to try to make it there.  That she did… heck, she even dropped us!  I could roll with her on the flats, but there are some LONG false flats and the added 100+ pounds did NOT make it easy to roll up.  I was very impressed at her effort!

On the way back, Sarah got a flat – which kind of sucked, as I hadn’t prepared us for that.  Stupid on my part, but I flagged down a couple of guys and they hooked us up.  We were back on the road quickly.

Sarah beat us back to the car and all were happy to be back.  Sarah flabergasted me with her riding ability yesterday!  She was like a woman on a mission.  All that running has her some aerobic fitness that is paying off.  Good stuff.  Derek was having fun on his trail-a-bike and Max, I think he slept most of the way, but he likes it too.

So yes … As I drove the short bus, I got my keister kicked.  I want a re-match! 🙂