A good day

Today has gone better than yesterday.  I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs – but you know what, it’s ok.  I’m sure tonight will be interesting.  Trying to guide Max and Derek though their grieving should be different, but we can handle it.

Saturday – we will have a memorial service for Tiger.  It’s a small service planned for our back 40… (behind the fence).  We will bury his collar and remember him a little bit.  All are invited… we will not be providing seating or anything fancy, dress is as you are 😉  You know – come to think of it … Tiger was always happiest IN the backyard – I’m going to do it inside the fence.  There was nothing as funny as seeing a 20 pound cat with his belly swinging side to side running through tall grass thinking his clawless self was some sort of jungle cat!  Yes – Saturday, we will remember our favorite fat cat!

I was reminded, internally, how good a “drug” working out can be.  I don’t know all the exact details – but I know that when you work out, specifically when you work out hard, you release a lot of chemicals into your brain.  Endorphins are part of that chemical cocktail.  All of the stuff releases into your mellon and makes your brain work better, which makes you feel better!  I had a good workout today.  Not my hardest, fastest, longest… just a good session on the Eliptical machine.

Tomorrow will be running – most likely.  I’m enjoying the running as long as I do it every other day.  I’m just too big to slam down on my body over and over again.  I need a break.  I’m pondering trying to re-start MaxFit on Monday.  I really like that program, I just found the doctor to be pretty much a loser.  He may be the greatest in the world, but if you wont reply to emails sent directly to you – you are a loser.

Tomorrow – I weigh in.  Things are going well on that front – I’ve got a long way to go – but I’m ahead of the past couple of years (by a good margin).  I’d like to be a lot lighter for the PeachTree… That will help me pull my extra 5 minutes off the top!

Day 3 and 4 – a combined situation

Well – that’s not a good way to put it, we didn’t do them together – that wouldn’t be in keeping with the 12 minute revolution.  We did day 3 on … day 3 and day 4 on day 4… but enough on that!

Here is what I can tell you today.  This program (which I do hope they go commercial/online/prime time with) is definitely do-able.  They have 3 people on the screen doing the workouts at all time.  One beginner, intermediate and advanced.  The thing is – if you are dying – slow down, go easier.  If you are feeling good, weight up – push harder – do it!  There is a big focus on form, doing it right, doing the best you can.  There are some exercises that Sarah is kicking my large glutes.  Others… I’ve got an advantage, but at the end of 12 minutes (and maybe the bonus round) she looks like I feel inside.  I think I probably look a lot worse than she feels inside – but that’s because I am not a pretty man!

I think – in time – the soreness will fade.  I mean, after 6 trips up the incline – I could do it and walk right the next day… I hope it doesn’t take 6 days for this one!

It is awesome that you can get in, get your workout in and get out.  It’s also crazy to do stuff you would have never strung together.  We haven’t done the same exercise twice yet!

So far I am a fan.  Seems like Sarah is too… and my co-worker (@pbyas) and my neighbor (@jerri) are fans as well.

Ask me at 5:30 am… I wont be as big a fan, but a fan none the less!

MaxFit – Day 2

In a word – ouch.

Yesterday was legs.  I did ride the day before, but I don’t think that dramatically increased the soreness I am experiencing.  I intentionally held back a great deal, yet am still quite sore.  I may be able to spin 170mm radius circles really fast and pop off some watts with those levers, but jump squats?  OUCH!  Wall squats? OUCH!  All that stuff was quite painful…. in a good friendly loving way.

I haven’t checked todays video, but I am told it’s upper body.  That’s good, my arms are still sore from Monday – layer it up!