Are you ready for Conficker?

If you cant get to either of those sites, you have a problem.  You have been infected with the W32/Conficker virus due to attack the internet tomorrow.

I don’t claim to have any idea what it will do, i’ve read a little – but I am not an expert.  It’s set up to go bonkers on April first.

Even if you can get to both of those sites, never ever run IE again.  Avoid using IE at all costs.  Here are some other good options:

That is in the order I would rate them.  In my opinion, IE is the single biggest security hole online.  It’s nearly criminal!

Today’s a great day to update your virus protection, head over to and get things cleared out!

Of course, if you are one of the people I have convinced you should use a Mac … you have NOTHING to worry about!  🙂