Lawn, crashes, computers, support, rain

So I finally got to mow my lawn last night.  Holy wow it was tall.  The back hard was 1/2 way to Spanky’s business… not good!  While I was mowing the front yard, I hit a rock.  I didn’t see it and it made a LOT of noise.  It was LOUD!  Stopped the mower, as a matter of a fact.  As it came to it’s unexpected halt, the little guy that lives next door, we call him “Little-Bit” was riding his brothers mountain bike down the driveway.  Keep in mind, Little-Bit is a year or two older than Max, but about the same size.  Well, the lawnmower startled him.  He looked over at me and forgot to stop.  Poor little munckin slammed into the garage door!  I think it hurt his pride moe than it hurt him.  Once we saw he was ok, i’m almost ashamed to admit, we laughed a bit.

Computer – I love them – I hate them.  Seriously – they bring me a lot of info, work, money, etc… but they suck.  Tech Support is a great job for me, I do really well at it and have a support minded brain.  It’s where I need to be.  An offensive minded defense-man, if you will.  The strange thing is, I often envy those who don’t know much about computers.  When your computer is mildly broken, you call somebody or pay somebody.  They fix it for you and you go happily on your way.  They may piss you off along the way – but they fix it and you are done.  I don’t have anybody I can call.  I suppose, I could – but then I would probalby know more than the people I am talking to and that would be a bad situation.  That happens occassionally when  friend asks me to talk to their ISP, Dell or whatever.  I try to be nice, I try to be sympathetic, but if you get Bob Knowitall – it’s game on!  Thanks – I was venting.

Rain – for the love of pearl… couldn’t we end this drought over a year long period? not in March and April alone?  I feel like a chucklehead.  I should have gone to the track last night, turnout was good – but I wasnt there.  I suck.  I feel as if I let my followers down … but I don’t have any, so that burden is off my shoulders.

My Virus and malware scans are done, so I should go back to work.  It’s been nice chatting with you… Viva la Beeva!