Let me apologize

I went on a bike ride today.  I rode pretty hard.  My time is limited and I wanted to kill as many calories as possible.  I really just wanted to get in a great workout.  I rode from my home to the Silver Comet Trail.  Rode about 11 miles up the SCT and then turned around.  On the way back I was getting tired, I was riding “tempo” and just grinding away at about 100 rpm.  Good pace, tired, not paying attention.  On the trail, I space out now and then.

The next 20 seconds of my life – i’m not sure what happened, but I sort of realized all of the sudden that I was about to drill some guy, I couldn’t go around him as there was another guy coming… I realized I could make it so I sort of ‘buzzed’ the guy really close.  I didn’t hit him, I wasn’t scared… but apparently I made him angry.  He chased me down and started yelling at me.  I was quite apologetic.  While what I did was “safe” in the sense that I had no problem passing somebody that close, I did invade his (and another riders) “personal space”.  He said “that was closer than even bike racers come”.  I said “I’ve done a little racing in my day”.  We talked about bike racing… got on to track racing.  He read my jersey and said something about FixedGearFever – apparently he reads it all the time and asked me how I got a FGF jersey.  I told him it was actually my site.  He said in an excited manner “Are you Scott from FixedGearFever?” I told him I was and he was in sort of a state of shock.  I’ve seen this unnecessary reaction a few times before, but at the next few moments cracked me up.

This guy (named Mike) said “I am sorry!”  I asked “for what?”   He said “If I had known you knew how to ride so well, I would never have said anything like that!  I am sorry for questioning your skills!  Wow, I just insulted a real track racer. I am so sorry!”

I told him I was just a regular guy that loves track racing and geek stuff.  I felt bad for spacing out and putting other riders in danger.  I said that my apology stands and he had NOTHING to apologize for.  I’ve been yelled at for smaller stuff.  This was all good.  We chatted a bit more then he went back to his rest day.

As my illegitmate uncle Fred one put it “Scott is just a fan of track racing, no Scott is a super fan!”  I’m not a hero, roll model or above the law.

Overall – a GREAT ride.  I burried myself in 2 hours.  Good work.