Four races – not the hardest battle of the night

Tonight I raced for the first time this year.  Wow – reality is – track racing is hard.  Harder when you are out of shape.  Let me run them down for you as some folks have told me they enjoy my take on racing … This wont have a lot of excitement, but feel free to read on!

8 lap scratch – To anybody who happened to be in that race, you were riding like a bunch of masters women.  It’s lame.  Race your bike, commit to an attack, try to go fast.  Don’t wait for a 41 year old fat guy to attack.  Anyway … I lost track of laps and wanted to attack with three laps to go.  I got impatient as the tension was high and peoplere were twitchy.  I drilled it only to see 4 laps to go.  I said … oh well… gotta go.  I got swallowed up – didn’t finish last.

Miss-n-Out – I was about 7th out?  not sure.  I did okay but I hate the event so it’s hard.  I did 4 laps on the frunt riding tempo to control things – goood effort.

Tempo #1 – The tempo is an evil race created to break you.  Every lap there is 2 points for first, 1 for second.  That basically means, from the “gun” you are flying.  This one was just like that.  I missed a key split in the field and ended up back in a second group.  We rode hard, dropped a few people.  Finished pretty good.

Tempo #2 – I decided to ride one more for training.  I got a good wheel, thought I was golden.  But the guy in front of the guy I was following exploded.  He’s a good guy, he was tired, I’m not upset with him, but he gapped us.  Following one of the strongest sprinters in the area, when he decided to bridge, I TRIED to hold his wheel but I was SMOKED!  I found some folks to race with – good workout

46 miles after work.  My longest day of the year – with racing too!

Now – the hardest battle I fought tonight was to pass Sonic.  For the last year, every time I come home I stop and get some food.  I know it’s not the best, I order  grilled chicken wrap …. sometimes two.  I also get a big honkin diet cherry lime ade.  I wanted to make sure I ate good tonight – and while I drove home and had peanut butter and jelly on whole grain toast, which some might argue isnt that great for me, it was better than stopping and being tempted to get a milkshake.  I also had a huge bowl of peas – my latest obsession.  I love peas all of the sudden.  I feel as if passing up the instant gratification and just coming home for an easy sandwich was the right thing to do.   I take that as my victory tonight.

It’s good to be back on the track and have my weight headed in the right direction again.