Please allow me to summarize my s****y day

Today started like any other day at my in-laws.  Very well.  We had a nice breakfast, enjoyed the company, watched Paris Roubaix – life was good.  I am not kidding, being sarcastic or mean when I say – it really started well.  I genuinely enjoy my in-laws company.  They are very nice people.

We left at about 2:00.  The kids were good.  Max slept a long time.  Everything was going well.  My average speed was 70+ – no traffic, clear roads – life was good.

Just as we passed exit 164 on I-85 my day started to suck really freekin bad.  I thought it was a shitty moment in time and well, figured I would have us back on the road in 5-20 minutes.  You see, the front of the car started to shimmy a bit and got really loose.  I pulled over and looked – the front tire was going low – so much for our “run-flat” tires.  (more on that bullshit in a few minutes).  We backed up a vacant exit ramp and stopped at a gas station.  I grabbed some “Fix-A-Flat” figuring it would get me home – sort this out tomorrow.  That’s when I realize – this was not your average flat.  You see, our tire was basically destroyed – ok – to keep you up to speed, lets look at the situation -120 miles from home, full family, no tire, easter sunday, 5:30…

We started calling people.  Everyplace we could.  We used the GPS, we used the phone book, we used everything we could find.  Well, then I realized they had WiFi … don’t know if it was public, don’t care…  I called my cousin, Julie.  Mind you – I haven’t spoken to Julie on a telephone in 15+ years?  I think I have seen her once in 30 years.  Might be exagerating, but to say we aren’t close would not be a lie.  Thankfully we have touched base on Facebook and I know she lives about 40 miles from where we were sitting.  After a bunch of phone calls that I will leave out for brevity – Julie called back and I spoke to her and her husband John – who I have met ONCE in my life … for about 4 hours at my sister ill-fated wedding.  Well, they knew Kevin, a guy that lives about 5 miles from where we were.  They pulled Kevin up on the phone and Kevin came “to the rescue”.  I only put that in quotes becuase we were fighting an un-winnable battle.

Well, Kevin called everybody in the state and found a guy that had a tire that “should work”.  Kevin borrowed his sister-in-laws big ass vehicle and gave us a ride 15 miles into the backwoods of north georgia to a place “behind stubby’s”.  No… i’m not kidding you.  We got there and a well dressed mechanic greated us and began working on the wheel.  Then he realized his tire wouldn’t prefectly match.  You see we have “all wheel drive” which means “it sucks”.  All 4 tires have to PERFECTLY match in size.  If they don’t you will destroy your transmission.  He found some tires – but they were “SUV Tires” and they were almost $200 a piece.  OUCH!  Add on tax, installation, etc… you are buying a lot of tire you don’t need.

It came time to end the fight – and that’s kind of where we are now.  Now we sit in a hotel in Commerce, Georgia.  There really isn’t much here other than an outlet mall and a hotel with internet access.  Kevin, you are the man – this guy I NEVER met did more than any human should have done.  He drove us around – helped us out – he really helped.  Tomorrow, he will come get me and give me a ride back up to the car where I will use the wifi, the phone and every resource I can to resolve the issue.

The list of people we need to thank and send something after this long and very helpful.  Ultimately – my family and I are all safe.  We will be okay and that is the important thing.

I feel like writing forever … but I should sleep.  Kevin will be back to help more at 7:30… tirehell This is the shit I have to deal with tomorrow: