Is this my 15 minutes of fame?


I'm the guy just entering the photo on the left
I'm the guy just entering the photo on the left

If you look really closely – on the left side of the pick, that guy sneaking on the screen last … that’s me.  The overly happy man is a friend of mine, Dave McGlory (sp) – we just call him Trini!

I should have worn my chest protector

So yesterday, we were working in the backyard, minding our own business (as most of my stories begin).  I was cleaning up weeds, edging and such.  Nothing major.  We have a gas powered weed wacker that after several years, I can finally control REASONABLY well.  I don’t get worried about using the beast.  Well, I had a couple blades I saw … so I wanted to take care of them.  Sarah was in the backyard as well… I fired up the weed wacker and goofed.  Sometimes, the engine gets a little “stiff” so I pulled a little harder.  It fired right up but the next .3 seconds of my life were really quite painful! You see my hand slipped off the “T-Handle” and that T-handle did what, for lack of better things, I will call “boobie-whipped” me!  I grabbed my bousum and danced around the backyard.  Sarah looked at me as if I was insane and thought I was being overly dramatic – maybe I was, but it HURT!

Well… an hour later after a good shower I saw my chest in the mirror.  Below is a photo!  (Fear not, I have censored this for your protection!

Notice the "Handle"
Notice the "Handle"

Man … that hurt!  Still does and the mark is still there!  So remember – wear your chest protector when weed wacking!  The nipple you save may be your own!


So yesterday I commented that I was glad I went riding, regardless of the wind.  I had a good time, enjoyed my ride – it wasn’t so bad.  That would have been enough wind for me.  Today – it was just as windy and ugly.  It was wednesday – so it was track racing night.  I packed up my gear and off I went.  There was a high wind advisory in effect… lovely.  Got to the track, warmed up and felt like maybe I had a bit of form.  I was moving pretty well, good news.

First race was a squirrel fest.  One dude in particular took it upon himself to run into everybody in the field at least once.  Talk about a squirrel.  I launched a gutzy (stupid) headwind attack up the home straight.  I got spotted, got another big guy on my wheel and knew it wasn’t going down.  I was done.  OOPS!

Miss-n-out.  I hate this race.  It sucks.  Well – I rode it 1/2 way smart and pulled a 3rd.  I honestly thing it was 75% brain, 25% legs.  I really didnt do well – but I kept being in the right place.  I did some work, but just got it right.  The final 3 – up sprint – I had nothing 🙁  good race.

Tempo – got a 5th which I was happy with.  It was really hard – I did my best.  The madison – I rode it.  That’s all I will say.  Walk away with a 3rd, 4th, 5th… I’m happy with that.  Crappy weather, but good racing.

One year later – I lost a pound!

A year ago, I kept people updated on my weight loss.  I was proud of it – I was working quite hard.  I had a bad period and gained a bunch back.  I as not proud.  There were some circumstances that led to the weight gain, but simply put, I ate too much – the key to weight gain.

Well, a while back, I threw together something to help me stay a bit motivated – I started a contest called “VeloLosers” – a group of cyclist trying to lose some weight.  It’s been going pretty well.  You can check out for details.

Anyway – I have avoided looking at last years weight because I still feel a bit of a sting, a sadness for the work I did that I “threw away”.  Well, today I mustered up the courage and looked at last year (look at “Weight Loss” at he top of the page).  Funny thing is – I am 1 pound lighter than I was last year.  Not that it matters – not that it’s good that I gained that back, but it’s good that I’m back to the ‘same place’.  I just need to focus and keep it rolling.  Things are going well.

And now – the truth … here’s the graph.  Nothing to write home about, but better than not doing anything about it!

17 Month Weight Graph
17 Month Weight Graph