One year later – I lost a pound!

A year ago, I kept people updated on my weight loss.  I was proud of it – I was working quite hard.  I had a bad period and gained a bunch back.  I as not proud.  There were some circumstances that led to the weight gain, but simply put, I ate too much – the key to weight gain.

Well, a while back, I threw together something to help me stay a bit motivated – I started a contest called “VeloLosers” – a group of cyclist trying to lose some weight.  It’s been going pretty well.  You can check out for details.

Anyway – I have avoided looking at last years weight because I still feel a bit of a sting, a sadness for the work I did that I “threw away”.  Well, today I mustered up the courage and looked at last year (look at “Weight Loss” at he top of the page).  Funny thing is – I am 1 pound lighter than I was last year.  Not that it matters – not that it’s good that I gained that back, but it’s good that I’m back to the ‘same place’.  I just need to focus and keep it rolling.  Things are going well.

And now – the truth … here’s the graph.  Nothing to write home about, but better than not doing anything about it!

17 Month Weight Graph
17 Month Weight Graph