One year later – I lost a pound!

A year ago, I kept people updated on my weight loss.  I was proud of it – I was working quite hard.  I had a bad period and gained a bunch back.  I as not proud.  There were some circumstances that led to the weight gain, but simply put, I ate too much – the key to weight gain.

Well, a while back, I threw together something to help me stay a bit motivated – I started a contest called “VeloLosers” – a group of cyclist trying to lose some weight.  It’s been going pretty well.  You can check out for details.

Anyway – I have avoided looking at last years weight because I still feel a bit of a sting, a sadness for the work I did that I “threw away”.  Well, today I mustered up the courage and looked at last year (look at “Weight Loss” at he top of the page).  Funny thing is – I am 1 pound lighter than I was last year.  Not that it matters – not that it’s good that I gained that back, but it’s good that I’m back to the ‘same place’.  I just need to focus and keep it rolling.  Things are going well.

And now – the truth … here’s the graph.  Nothing to write home about, but better than not doing anything about it!

17 Month Weight Graph
17 Month Weight Graph

2 thoughts on “One year later – I lost a pound!”

  1. Scott,
    Very interesting. I’ve got the same problem. I think my body is just more efficient now or I’ve found more fun things to do that do not require burning calories. Every bit of food I eat sticks with me. It’s all so unforgiving.

    I guess I just have to eat less and less and less, every year or get more and more active. Probably both.

    Keep track of this. It will pay off. Every pound lighter helps. It’s hard on your joints to weigh more. I know.

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