So yesterday I commented that I was glad I went riding, regardless of the wind.  I had a good time, enjoyed my ride – it wasn’t so bad.  That would have been enough wind for me.  Today – it was just as windy and ugly.  It was wednesday – so it was track racing night.  I packed up my gear and off I went.  There was a high wind advisory in effect… lovely.  Got to the track, warmed up and felt like maybe I had a bit of form.  I was moving pretty well, good news.

First race was a squirrel fest.  One dude in particular took it upon himself to run into everybody in the field at least once.  Talk about a squirrel.  I launched a gutzy (stupid) headwind attack up the home straight.  I got spotted, got another big guy on my wheel and knew it wasn’t going down.  I was done.  OOPS!

Miss-n-out.  I hate this race.  It sucks.  Well – I rode it 1/2 way smart and pulled a 3rd.  I honestly thing it was 75% brain, 25% legs.  I really didnt do well – but I kept being in the right place.  I did some work, but just got it right.  The final 3 – up sprint – I had nothing 🙁  good race.

Tempo – got a 5th which I was happy with.  It was really hard – I did my best.  The madison – I rode it.  That’s all I will say.  Walk away with a 3rd, 4th, 5th… I’m happy with that.  Crappy weather, but good racing.